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Still no legal Expenses ridiculous!


Solicitors <>

Mon 18/03/2019 20:27
Dear Ms Moss

Further to your previous emails, please find attached a witness statement template.  If there are matters which you wish the Inquiry to take into consideration, you should set them out in a witness statement as I have previously advised.

As the Inquiry has not requested a statement from you, the Chair does not agree to provide funding for you to obtain advice from an independent lawyer.  You do not need to be legally qualified in order to prepare and submit a witness statement to the Inquiry which is relevant to matters within the scope of its investigations.

I am aware that you have sent a large number of emails to the Inquiry today and last week.  As I am sure you will appreciate, it is a particularly busy time for the Inquiry and the Westminster investigation team and so we will not be able to respond to these individually, or review them.  

As I set out above, if there are matters to which you wish to draw the Inquiry's attention, please do so in one single witness statement and send this to

Martin Smith
Solicitor to the Inquiry
a| PO Box 72289, London, SW1P 9LF

I got this email this morning on 19th March 2019 and have taken the day to respond as best as I can in the circumstances of naming me at the inquiry and getting simple facts wrong. Like that I was a London Development Officer for the National Association of Young People In Care 1987-1992.

Witness Name:      Mary Moss        
Statement No.: 4           
Dated: 19th March 2019                   



Witness Statement of Mary Moss


I, Mary Moss , will say as follows:-

I Mary Moss was first contacted on the 6th Nov 2012 by a Mr Jim Reed whom I had never met or heard of before, from the BBC, who wrote to me having seen my website that had been in place for 20 years on my NAYPIC abuse cases (and NAYPIC’s current legal situation), in particular Barnes Elm Guest House and my dealings with the owner’s children’s cases XXXX and XXXXXXX; Exhibit 1. Jim’s email to address Here is a summary made as a complaint to the European Courts around UK judicial corruption of the case for NAYPIC’s two central London premises est by me in 2000 to 2015. I was representing myself (for 6 years), at the time of contact with Mr Jim Reed at the Court of Appeal, the Strand. The case brought me a lot of attention from inside housing, legal people, barrister’s media and liability insurers due to its floodgate nature worldwide on ‘absolute liability’ and after it was written up in over 20 legal firms and journals on the internet ‘Gavin and anr V Community Housing Association’ (One Housing Group) and their insured. I wanted to be as helpful as possible but was busy representing myself with 4 to 5 boxes of 5 A4 ring bound folders to a box. Mr Jim Reed persuaded me to meet him for a quick coffee at the BBC Corporation House. He did this by way of guilt and a bit a deceit. He said that information on a VIP (and he was talking of Mc Alpine) paedophile and he needed to verify their identity with me. I gave him half an hour of my time in the lunch hour as I was flat out working with an appearance to be made in just under a month at court. I did it at the BBC as he wanted to come to mine but I was suspicious of anyone at that point with my court case and files etc. He named Mc Alpine and I said I had never heard of him abusing anyone and that if I was them the BBC I would be very cautious about naming people that I had never heard of as I had heard of many of them and that could lead to a lot of trouble for real cases in the future especially since Saville had just been successfully exposed. I did not know at the time when I met Jim Reed that he knew Angus Stickler and Angus had approached me in 2008 from a comment I made in a Guardian article. He said if I was Mary Moss he said he remembered from a piece he done in the 80;s to contact him. I did and told him all about my dispute with my landlord so he was the first to know pretty much all the recent NAYPIC activities as well as know I had changed my name. Then as if the timing could be any closer to my court case, the McAlpine debacle happened. I was watching it at a friend’s house as I was feeding his cat early in the morning as he was away on holiday. I happened to be not far from the BBC and so I went there and called Jim Reed on the way. I said to him, tell Entwhistle not to resign as he will make it very difficult for any of us who aren’t protected to speak out on real abusers now and that this was a disaster. He said he was being hauled into a meeting. Within the hour the Director General had resigned and I was standing outside with the world’s press. I felt like all the progress had gone backward. Also that I had somewhat been slapped right in the middle of this one and so I thought I am never going to be able to progress with a youth parliament now or get the money together to get a law center to take cases. Then I approached several different countries journalist, including China, Netherlands etc and spilled the beans on what I knew. I thought if they want to shut me up by some vicarious association with this case, I wasn’t going to be stopped that easily. So now the world knew what Jim knew, that I had mentioned to him. The next day my house was full with newspaper journalist and they all wanted to know what I knew.

I was then contacted by a second BBC journalist a Mr Alister Jackson on 28th Nov 2012. He said he had seen my website also but he was looking for a Mr Christopher Fay, so I replied, I hadn’t seen him since 1987 (which was actually 1991 but I answered quite quickly). Mr Jackson then turned up to my 04/12/12 Court Case, where I had just won permission to appeal Exhibit 2 with some pro-bono help from Jan Luba QC. Mr Jackson was with a ‘friend’ called David Pallister an ex-Guardian Journalist who I remember thinking looked a bit like Christopher Fay but he stated he was working for a new website called Exaro and mentioned his wife was also a journalist. I explained to them both that although what they were dealing with was of great importance, my court case was more important to me and I could not speak with them. I agreed to meet them the next day if they went away so that I could celebrate with my supporters in the pub next door, the bank, where they had also followed me to. I didn’t like Pallister but Alister did say if he could help at all with my court case, he would, so I took him up on his offer and had him writing asking questions to RSA insurers stating he worked for Panorama. He even came to my house for a chat. At a later point when Stingmore and The Tony McSweeney were arrested he introduced me to Ed Campbell who worked for ITV and Lucy Manning as apparently Jackson’s wife worked with them and he said all four knew each other. This prompted Channel 4’s Paraic O’Brien to also do an interview as now Elm Guest House was a live inquiry so that was my main contact with him in the early days of 2012. Alister Jackson did not go away. I tried to get rid of him by mainly ignoring him. He wanted the Guest book and since I had already given photocopies to him, I retrieved it and let him borrow it. I asked him to try and get in touch with a witness to NAYPIC XXXXXX XXXXXXXX. I said he had vital information on abuse and I was worried for his life years ago. I gave him his last known address in Bradford and to my surprise he found him but he wouldn’t give me his details. Later I realised that Mr Jackson was at the Ben Fellows Court Case and was talking to the only other court reporter there. I found the case strange as I had had a serious allegation on Mr Ken Clarke form the 80’s yet this was all a pantomime. I wasn’t surprised seeing Jackson as I had already become suspicious of his and flat out refused to part of his Panoraman VIP programme “a platform for a crook” I called it.

I was contacted by MP Tom Watson on the 11/12/12 Exhibit 4. This contact was made subject to a complaint that was later thrown out and I was told to take it to a Judicial Review. I made the complaint finally at the stage when the IOPC did not have to contact the police asking them to investigate. The IOPC from 8th Jan 2018 could now investigate complaints directly and not involve the police. Either it was deliberate or at best someone just automatically used the old system but I was told that my complaint had to go to the DPS for investigation, ie the Home Office as the complaint involved them. THIS IS A COPY OF MY COMPLAINT Complaints Support Team 22nd Floor Empress State Building Empress Approach Lillie Road London SW6 1TR E-mail: Our reference: QU/00067/18 Date: 11 January 2018
Dear Ms Moss
We need some more information about your complaint
You recently contacted us via the IPCC to make a complaint against the Metropolitan Police Service.
Here is the complaint;
I worked in NAYPIC National Association of Young People In Care as their London Development Officer from 1987 to 1992. I then resigned to develop the organisation Nationally as a volunteer national and then stood for election elected at three conferences and was voted National Chair of the National Executive Committee by 1800 youth. I must have had in the region of 100 complaints on my desk at any given time, throughout my time as a London Development Officer. I had a high media profile and was able to resolve many cases as well as meet and consult with professionals at all levels including, the Health Minister and most members of the Dept of Health at the time. In 1993 the NAYPIC was raided whilst I was at a leaving care launch with the NCCVO, NSPCC and NAYPIC just near Downing Street. I witnessed a new white dustbin cart with two men in forensic white all-in-one suits take the last of the NAYPIC London and South office into their dustbin cart possession. I shouted at them to stop and the man taking the last of our case files, in black bin bags, filled just enough to be carried, ran to the van as I chased it down Stucley Street NW1, a small street in Camden where NAYPIC had a modern contemporary, two storey office, heavily protected with metal shutters that I had had installed money I fundraised from Children In Need. Upon entering the empty offices of National Association of Young People In Care I could see that they had taken £10,000 worth of computers, paid for with money I had raised from Children In Need, as well as the office desks, chairs. I salvaged the last thirty or so bin bags and took them to an office of a charity further up the road in Camden, called ‘the serious road trip’ who were feeding and entertaining the children on buses throughout war torn Europe. They kindly allowed me to have an office in return for helping them to fundraise. Many NAYPIC cases were then safe and secure but much of the more sensitive casework I had already hidden, at my home. I did that because this was evidence that would historically come into use, when children, one day, had a voice and police forces took abuse of children more seriously then they did at the time. In all our NAYPIC files we always put a notice inside of the cover of files reading ‘this evidence is protected by PACE Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984.’ NAYPIC may have been raided by the Home Office in 1993, as a series of events then took place with funding from all Government organisations withdrawn and then followed an odd and insensitive article by a social work journal with a picture of one of our young management committee, who had recently committed suicide pictured through the glasses of an adult advisor, whom we had recently sacked, stating ‘NAYPIC is Dead, Long live NAYPIC’. I was asked by my then Management Committee, to practically give up any other career steps I may have gone on to do, since I was educated and experiences in child care issues and had come 2nd out of 70 applicants in a job worth over fifty thousand, if I could carry the mantle of setting NAYPIC back up and to be remunerated and compensated for any directors loans once I had carried out the last wish and vote of NAYPIC, to have a membership of all 12 million children by parliamentary budget and that NAYPIC was to be called NNYP New NAYPIC Youth Parliament. I successfully set up two art galleries to fund NNYP in 1999 to 2013. It was not to my surprise then during 2012 (when I was representing myself against a top firm of lawyers in an important 2 million pounds precedent court case against RSA & UKU insurance company and my landlord Community Housing Association, the Chair of whom, was sister in law of the Master of the Rolls on ‘Absolute Liability’ in disrepair to both the shops following flooding into the premises from outside on the landlords premises) that I had suddenly come to the attention of some of the establishment who didn’t like me due to the absolute liability case and perhaps those too whom had stumbled on me through which had long list of historical abuses, that had been on that site since 1999 or early 2000. Now however the establishment putting two and two together, worked out I was not someone who had gone away even with a name change and NNYP had contemporary premises in central London and and I was quite a dab hand at being in court on this absolute liability case, which was valuable to insurers worldwide and that I with a passion had set out to ensure that my case and essentially NNYP was not stolen again, by the powers that be, who had already trespassed both shop premises in 2008 with all the NAYPIC files in the downstairs offices. I had a blog called to hi-light the pure corruption in my case. I was again a thorn in the establishment’s side. A Mr Watson MP for labour, I believe met with the 1992 sacked former advisor of NAYPIC’s, as when he emailed me and then later called me, he used the same uncanny language of that former advisor and he sounded very sensationalist to me, bearing in mind he had recently had some success in the Leverson inquiry and was populist MP at the time, I saw him as feathering his own nest, I yawned upon taking notes of what he was saying and was then surprised when he asked me to co-operate with any police that may approach me in secret. Having a serious court case to get on with and being soon in the Court of Appeal with a top Pro-Bono QC who was endangering bringing back ‘Ryland v Fletcher’ and the law of ‘Absolute Liability this contact with Mr Watson smacked to me of the same adult advisor and his Russian counter-parts, enlisting either blatantly or chancing it a Mr Tom Watson MP. I knew something would blow re child abuse if that adult advisor had anything to do with it but then and now in 2012 I wasn’t going to be any part of it, I knew I would just let it be as my work was to raise an economy not a hell again as had been in 1993 when life as NAYPIC knew it was finished, as was children’s rights for years to come. I thanked Mr Watson for his time and said something like that I ‘could not work with police as I had been given evidence in confidence by young people, back then’. I also made sure I gave nothing away when he kept mentioning Mr Peter Righton and the Elm guest house except to say that yes it was all my casework. I was then contacted by DCI PAUL SETTLE and asked to hand over confidential info so I put it on my blog and was raided.
From: New NAYPIC <>
 Sent: 15 January 2018 20:49
 Subject: Re: Complaint against Met Police, our ref QU/67/18 Mary Moss
I have run out of space to finish on the application attached. So just to say I put it on the internet because I was scared for anyone on those notes as well as for my own safety. I feared that unless I made it public then secret operations could just tidy up whatever it was they thought I still had. I knew that none of it was formulated properly and that the evidence required to convict had not yet been properly attained by NAYPIC. I knew that people could be be bumped off and made to look like they done it themselves.
I tried so hard to have that conversation with the Prime Minister or the Home Office. I was under a duty to protect that information. 
When The Home Office finally told me to work with the police in a secret op with no agenda I saw this as theft of the organisation again just like in 1993.
Nine officers came to my house at 6am on the 9th Jan 2013. A friend answered the door as I had been at a family birthday party in South London and had stayed the night. My friend called me to tell me, "I was having my coffee and the door went. I looked through the keyhole and it was like out of a movie. They held up their badge and asked me to open the door. I had to take my shower and go to work I did not care but they are in your house Jo you have to come now..'
I phoned up Bindman's solicitors as I have successfully sued the East Sussex Police with them for assault and battery and false imprisonment in 1993. Although the legal aid cuts did not allow me any legal recourse, I was advised on a compassionate basis to quote the law regarding something or other I don't recall. I called DCI Settle and spoke to him on this law.
I arrived with my friend a senior social work consultant who was also at the party the night before. I was met in the court yard by DCI Settle and a white female officer who stated her name but I forgot. I saw two undercover officers one male with blonde hair and one black female coming out of my building with a huge black hold all and they made out they were nothing to do with anything. I however knew they had done something in my flat and sensed something nasty with filming as they were smug as if they'd set me up or something? I later spotted the blonde officer at the Empress building so I knew I hadn't been wrong with my instincts but still don't know what heavy equipment was in the large bag. I'd like to know still?
Upon entry to my flat my friend and I were friendly but silent. A gentleman was sitting in plain suit and coat on my sofa and said very little. I imagine him to be senior but he seemed nice enough. I am house proud and my flat is full of art so I said to him 'do you like my flat' he said yes. The lady officer and two other uniformed officers James Townley and I forgot his name but have it recorded somewhere stood at my kitchen bar and asked me to sigh for my £1000 desk computer which had been bagged up and then for my laptop which had all my current court case proceeding on it, that had also been bagged up. I noticed that they had found the guest signing in book with the likes of cliff Richard signed in and many others and that they had found a copy of the written allegations that a former adult advisor had written up to do with that case of the Elm Guest House. They missed a copy however that I had placed face down under the wardrobe of my white floor so that worked as I still held a copy. Someone asked me something about my court case and did I think this would help? I agreed although I wasn't sure what the hell they were going on about. I signed and with my legs not noticeably shaking I was friendly and let them out. I felt traumatised by the whole experience and now that the rid had happened I felt victimised and scared. I phoned a friend who had the rest of NAYPIC info in his shed. He wanted me to take it so he was not raided. It had more Elm Guest House evidence in the 19 boxes. I was afraid to leave my house and I set up a pet cam. I believed that they were accessing my house. This especially when some of the stuff they had appeared back in my house or on the internet. Lots of people like Madland's whom i believed were police started having a say on twitter about me. My court case reputation was now ruined and my name Mary Moss was all over the tabloids and the internet. I spent 3 years after trying not to be associated with the adult advisor whom I had sacked for good reason, yet his name and mine as well as the good name and work of NAYPIC became deliberately entangled with his past and of some 2012 Olympic Fraud he had been involved with yet I hadn't seen him since i sacked him as an advisor in 1991. Lots of care experienced adults contacted me. Lots of nutters too and I had now neither premises nor reputation. I have bearly survived all of it by just keeping my head down as I am only too well aware of the dangers of it all. The police in August 2013 started to put co-ordinates around my house since I wouldn't go out much. They also tracked my phone and blatantly followed me directly over my head as if this was a joke and they were getting a kick out of it. I still get followed. I still have trolls that I have ignord for ages now and I still make reference to NAYPIC boxes on social media. Lawyers for the child abuse inquiry I believe including Fiona Woolf and Butler Sloss have seen them as well as many police forces throughout the country. I have been told a few times who had them and for what op. Former cases of mine have been approached and harassed. Cases that aren't mine have too. There has been no co-ordination, no witness protection and an inquiry set up that none of us trust. Every whinger you can imagine has been on twitter muddying the waters and the whole episode lacks any dignity or organisation. I was never asked for a statement and was treated like an enemy of the state. Fake exhibitions, victims and criminals have made this child abuse explosion into the chaos that it now is with no legal aid for victims/survivors to put their cases. with the people I know who are involved this was a planned explosion with a state and police outcome protecting those who in many ways are robbing our country and selling us down the river and will no longer deal with the law they are becoming the law and abusing it all.
I have only complained because I thought that I could complain to the IOPC direct from the 8th Jan 2018. However this complaint makes me now feel in further danger. I was followed as recently as 28th Dec across Russel Square Park and then into a shopping center. I am the subject of all the recent allegations against all the celebraties on the dubbed Mary Moss list. Yet the UK ignored me for years and years as Jo Gavin who ran two art galleries and was coming to power.
Mary Moss

I was asked for feedback regarding how my complaint was handled on 14th February 2019 this was the day Neil Jerome signed off his witness statement. Having had my 21 boxes returned to me by Operation Winter Key on 14th Feb 2018 I asked XXXXXXX XXXX from the original Investigation what I was in all of this. I explained that DCI Settle had been in front of the select committee and Cliff Richard had had his out of court settlements etc so ‘what was I in all this’, and she said, I was the ‘keeper of information’ that was all. I was horrified that I was firmly associated with Chris Fay and by all accounts Tom Watson had said that his sources came from information that was given to him by some journalist who got it from me and him. Chris Fay was employed by the London Borough of Greenwich when I met him and he was a labour councillor who gave me information on a serving MP at the time as well as abuse in a secure unit and a children’s home. He has never been in the employ of NAYPIC. I have never been as suggested by Commander Neil Jerome interviewed by the police. From what I can make out the statement by Jerome is a deliberate attempt to mislead the inquiry with the assistance of the shoddy investigations of the IOPC and with the assistance of Tom Watson MP and the BBC.

Statement of Truth

I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true.

Signed: __________________________Mary Moss_______________

Dated:     ___________________19th March 2019_______________________

Witness Name:              
Statement No.:         1   



EXHIBIT [ ] / 1

2. 3. 4.

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