Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Commander Neil Jerome lied on Oath

Dear IOPC,

On 7th March 2019 Commander Neil Jerome lied to the IICSA Inquiry;

  1. He mislead the inquiry about the nature of the role in NAYPIC of a convicted frauster Cllr Chris Fay, stated he worked for NAYPIC and I Mary Moss was his collegue. Fay had no role in NAYPIC
  2. He mislead the Inquiry that the evidence seized by the police after obtaining a warrant to enter my home address in 2012 was obtained by Fay in 1982 at Carol Caziers raid, yet it was a court stamped document. He stated then that considering Mr Fay's Character the evidence that was handed to me in my office at 20 Comton Terrace, N1 in 1989 by Carol for her forthcoming court case in 3 months, was "dubious'. Yet  the documents seized from me were court stamped official documents taken by police in 2012 from my premises and they would have DNA on them of people who signed in. Therefore they were prime evidence.
I am a professional childrens rights campaigner and have no crimminal convictions. I consider the actions of the Commander as personally slanderous and misleading on a grand scale in history.

Mary Moss

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