Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Reply to IICSA

Dear Martin Smith,

Given that it is a witness statement shouldn't that be taken down by a solicitor of my choice?

I am familiar with witness statements as in my 'absolute liability case lasting 6 years Judge HHJ Cowell told off the opposition counsel in my 10 days trail against my landlord CHA.
He said Counsel often don't carry out these exercises within the realms of the Civil Procedural Rules. He said he doesn't want a list of opinions made over and over again to suit a direction he simply wants the facts in response to the particulars.

So although I heard lies about me which were given to you by the police shouldn't you be asking me to address a criteria or particulars so that I can give you facts under oath.

Only legal people know these things but since I represented myself for 6 years due to the legal aid cuts, then I had to learn a lot then.

I have no intention in getting caught up in legal toing and frowing in such an inquiry as to give me nothing but unpaid and hard work. As such what is the position on leagl help and possible witness protection given the nature of the inquiry as yu would be naive to think that I or my family and friends may not get hurt on the quiet and at a later date as has happened to me and others when we dealt with this case before in the 80's and 90's.

Mary Moss

PS I complained to the IOPC about Jerome this morning it's on my blog and is also useful but perhaps a lawyer would deduce how useful what is to you all as I am not leagally ttrained.

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