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What is with getting my brother at the same time as you get me.. always!

 Time/Dates - Events - Outcomes

Dec 27th 2020

11am/27/12/20 - Mary emails TC Edward’s key worker re support in Newry for people who are affected by drugs - Plan

March 5th 2021

2am/5th March 2021 -Edward Moss gets his benefits of £300 and spends it on 10 bits of crack and some dark - High

March 6th 2021

Midnight/6th March 2021 - Edward is upset as it is the 4th year death anniversary of his very good friend/lover- Upset
4am/6th March 2021 -Two police officers attended hostel as Edward  put a broken TV outside hostel door - Ed to A&E
4pm/6th March 2021 -Mary next relative informed by hostel that Edward had been in A&E since 4am- Mary calls Pat
4pm/6th March 2021 -Mary requests Patrick Moss brother to attend A&E to check if Ed is a danger to himself/others-
5pm/6th March 2021 -Meanwhile two doctors Section 2 Edward, just before Patrick arrives to check Edward’s status-
6pm/6th March 2021 -Patrick puts Edward on the phone to Mary at A&E- Normal state but scared after 12 hours in A&E
6.30pm/6th March 2021 -Transport arrives four security men escourt Edward into a van to Highgate - Pat follows van
7pm/6th March 2021 - Edward placed on Emerald ward - Pat get’s him a McDonalds, vapes and £180 for petty cash

March 7th 2021

6am/7th March 2021 - Mary emails Edwards solicitor Fernanda, to inform her what has happened - Ed will have legal help
8am/7th March 2021 - Fernanda emails, says ‘sorry to hear that this has happened again’ - Tribunal organised in 5 days
9am/7th March 2021 - Mary writes to the Highgate Mental Health Act and to formally discharge Edward from section 2



March 15th 2021

2.15pm/15th March 2021 -HM Tribunal Service, Leicester, convene- Attended by Edward and his solicitor, Samson an emerald ward staff, the psychiatrist from the ward, the outreach social work side of mental health, two other independent clinicians and Mary Moss as next relative.

Notes from that meeting but transcript although has not been made available should evidence what was said;

Fernanda Edwards solicitor asks for strict proof that Edward is a danger to himself or others. Social work falsely claim to have visits/calls once a week with Edward and have support in place for his drug usage, Mary claims that this is total fabrication. Sampson is asked is Edward a danger to himself and says no. Asked if he is a danger to others Sampson says no. Sampson claims that by Edward being very ‘verbal’ (and some might say he has verbose/intelligence as part of his personality) and that being in hospital is placing him in danger from ‘others’ in the ward, this is a very alarming claim.
The psychiatrist claims to have no history of the patient and no medical records, mentally or physically. Edward is asked a question by the judge and he has clearly been drugged so he is then asked to leave. He later says the connection was interrupting and he could not hear the Judge. Mary knows her brother very well and claims he has been sedated before the hearing. (Note; next hearing NO SEDATION REQUESTED). Verdict Edward not formally discharge from the section 2.

March 16th 2021

Mary writes an email to the psychiatrist Dr Berg that attended the Tribunal yesterday;

Copy of Email

I was surprised when you said in the meeting that I was not the nearest relative however I was relieved when the Camden Mental health team confirmed at the end of the meeting for you, that I am.

Following a telephone call to my mobile last Wednesday by your discharge people, when I was expecting a High Court Judge to call me at 12.15pm, I politely asked that your staff to call me back as my call was due at the very time they called. I did not get the call back as I would have been happy to speak with you all before now.

There was a number of issues raised at the meeting not least that Edward is in danger in the ward. This was stated five times by Samuel.

Edward by nature is a talkative, verbose individual with a high IQ like his Mum who was a member of Mensa and he himself was well educated at the London Oratory. Being verbal as Samuel put it, should not put Edward in danger of attack by the other patients. Also being angry is a natural emotion he is entitled to. He should not be cohered to be a different individual or drugged to be one.

I have asked for Edward's discharge and I hope that you understand my grave concerns at this time for my brother's safety at hospital.

You said that Edward was on 'perilipin' and 'endixaprine' please forgive the spelling and correct me if I am wrong but the latter is known to have a recurrent stupor effect?

Could you let me know by reply what these medications are, the correct spelling, the dosages and the side effects.

I did suggest he was not himself on the call, so I personally won't have a conversation with someone drugged up as he was. He normally does take aripiprazole but only on a 5mg bases and that is his right as a 50-year-old man to choose not to become addicted to pharmaceuticals, he has a moral view on it that, he is entitled to.

You mentioned his relapse in schizophrenia, however I did not see a difference in him, when Patrick was asked by me to attend A&E, 12 hours after the event of him being taken there by two policemen, for putting a TV outside in the street, he had found in the street earlier in the day. I spoke with him on Patrick's phone and he relayed events normally. He was quiet down regarding events but after 12 hours being in a cell in A&E without me, his nearest relative being informed, I'm not surprised he was down. He was still very much compos mentis. I should have been told at 4am and they hostel should have called me and not the police. This was not an act of violence or self-harm.

You were asked was his presentation due to the fact he had been wrongly brought into the hospital, I suggest, since you have no knowledge of him, that it was and will continue to be. Despite holding him to a floor stripping him naked and sedating him.

I would also suggest that the Camden mental health team alongside St Mungo's have done nothing for him, in terms of any meaningful engagement around his drug use. They have him in a holding cell, he shares with mice and they charge Housing Benefit of £1,800 PM.

Roman his worker has not visited and does not call. The Margaret centre I have had several attempts for them to help Edward with his drug problem and their exact words are, we cannot help him because we don't have a substitute for crack only heroin. I was flabbergasted at how difficult it was for him to have any meaningful help or help at all. I went with him five times last year to get help at the centre, where he tried to engage, the problem you will find is them and not him.

You say Edward has a poor insight to his situation and that he is self-neglecting, well if you were pulled from your bed in the middle of the night and had no access to your belonging and have been sedated by force and put into a non-consensual involuntary isolation, perhaps you would feel like him. Your place is not a holiday camp and drugging him is not meaningful nor is your tin-pot psychology about him.

If he is not a danger to himself or others, please release him. That is the only reason you can keep him, your opinions mean nothing, your power is the only thing that has any meaning right now and that you are using wrongly, without care or knowledge of his history. You didn't seem to know much at all about this human being, my brother.

Meanwhile you now have my email for meaningful and accurate engagement.

Following the meeting today, I have been told that, yesterday Edward found himself naked on his bed after being sedated, what do you have to say about that?

I will be making my views known publicly and legally and any which way I can stop you abusing my brother. You will not hear the end of this, this time unlike the last time when we left it.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss
16th March 2021 - Mary writes to Health Watch Camden to complain and get support for Edward and his detention.

Dear Health Watch,
I have just been in the most alarming mental health tribunal where I was told by Dr Bird at Highgate mental health ward Emerald ward, that I was not the next relative of Edward Moss 8/7/70 my brother.
Edward has been detained not due to him being a danger to himself or others, however 5 times during the tribunal we were informed bu Nurse Samuael that Edward was in danger from others in the hospital who wanted to attack him as he is very verbal, when that is his normal behaviour.
The judge in this knowledge ruled that he was not to be discharged and his solicitor who attended had said she would need strict proof he was being held lawfully and she is appealing.
Please attend to him. They are drugging him up out of his mind and he said he awoke last night completely naked and had been sedated.
I have applied for his discharge and have been illegally ignored.
Many Thanks
Mary Moss

17th March - Mary Moss writes a complaint to the CQC regarding Edward being drugged, assaulted, restrained, detained.

Dear CQC,

Edward Moss 8/7/70 he was put in there on 7th March 2021 for putting a TV he had found back onto the street; he is on a section 2 and I have applied as his next relative for his immediate release more than ten days ago.

Going forward, I would be happy for you to contact the provider on my behalf as a matter of urgency. A resident died last year in the Highgate hospital where my brother is staying against his will.

As I said the staff have indicated he is not aggressive himself or a danger to himself, but he is in danger from others and from staff stripping him and holding him down and injecting him. He has been crying on the phone about his treatment and wishes to leave.

He is in Emerald ward.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss

18th March 2021

CQC respond and ask can they contact the hospital MHA directly to raise the concerns, they gave a reference number.



27th March 2021 -

Edward Moss escapes detention because of a security breach by kicking two parts of a door and walking out.

29th March 2021 - Edward is exhausted and returns to his hostel and is further detained but now in Coral ward which was subject to a formal complaint to the CQC in Jan 2020 and Edward has had post traumatic regarding Dr Neil Stewart.

7th April 2021 -

Mary writes to the MHA office to Dominique Merlande whom she had dealings with over the 2020 ‘next relative’ game that seems to be what the MHA thrive on whilst delaying Edwards rights and allowing time to drug and confuse him.

Dear Dominique,

As the established next relative of Edward Moss for 3 years I applied for his discharge on the 7th March 2021 having spoken to him and found him to be no danger to himself or others.

I was told I was suddenly after three years of caring for him, including attending ward round meetings in a pandemic with Dr Gin and attending court cases with him. These are the facts and as such I still see myself as the next relative. Gracie has committed gross misconduct in that she did not accurately do her job and committed harm to the patient who did not wish to be held against his will or mine.

I have on numerous occasions asked you now to discharge my brother but instead you have gone around members of my family creating chaos as a purposeful distraction and I saw this last time three years ago where in a meeting with you, and me, he was discharged.

Since you still have not got your paper work in order and hopefully now I am dealing with you rather than anyone else, I will send you by return of post, the authority by Mr Moss (whom by the way under the act is not even suitable to be next relative having his rights taken away as an abusive person and has had no parental rights since Edward was 12, and he will tell you that himself as I am sure he has)
to Geraldine Whiley, the oldest sibling, who lives in Devon and cannot perform function of next relative for that reason alone, who will then delegate to me.

You will then keep those records scrupulously, since this is a repeat of the events that happened three years ago when your staff wanted to drug Edward who medically cannot be drugged as he has a hole in his heart. Evidence of this is for you, not me to obtain via Jenny Daley his ex-social worker in Hammersmith.

When Edward is then released, I want an account of what help you as an authority give Edwards in terms of his mental health as I have found both St Mungo's and Roman wanting and offering very little.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss

8th April 2021-

Mary Moss gets the post from Mr Moss senior signing over next relative status directly to her, so hand delivers and gets recipe of delivery from Gracie at the MHA office and so now there can be no argument re the next relative status.

Dear Dominique Merlande,

I have just received the next relative delegation from Mr Moss by post. He has delegated to me and I have accepted and I hope that draws an end to the matter.


Letter arrived in.
Delegation form signed by Mr Moss.
A stamped addressed envelope to David Hamilton at St Pancras.
The signed and accepted form by myself to be the next relative.

I also attach the discharge for my Brother Edward Moss by noon on Sunday, whereby I am safeguarding his rights not to be detained unlawfully in my safeguarding role as his next relative.

I will like an immediate plan for his reduction in medication before Sunday and a current list of what you have him on against his will.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss

8/4/21 Mary Moss writes separately to other MHA officers since by now numerous amounts of them have been involved.

Dear Dominique Merlande & David Hamilton,

I have this afternoon at 3pm hand delivered the delegation documents for next relative and Gracie Tanjikem Ndoke has signed for the documents.

Copy of that attached.

I look forward to hearing from you with regards to Edward's release on Sunday and any plans for any ongoing support at the dual diagnosis hostel that cost's £1,800 a month for a room the size of a cell.

Perhaps you could ask Roman to give me an email on any offers of help for Edward and his drugs use at all at this time appreciating the pandemic. Perhaps some forward planning may be of help and I would like to attend any such meetings as usual.

I am copying in his solicitor.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss

8/4/21 Mary writes to the hostel to TC Edwards key worker regarding Edward’s imminent discharge on Sunday and the TV.

Dear TC,

I hope you are doing well.

I have applied for Ed to be discharged by Sunday and am keen to have his room TV ready, since that is what his frustration was over when he was sectioned on 6th March 2021 since he sold his to James.

Either could you ensure that he has a TV and I can give him a Netflix account, so he is not bored in a pandemic or tell me what facilities are in the cell he occupies, to connect a new TV that I can purchase?

Obviously the old analoge ones don't work anymore, with an ariel, so are there TV sockets specifically to plug ariels into or does the building have wifi so that he can be given a password to tune in. The wifi is probably the one you have but then I'll have to get him a new TV.

If I get him say a 55 inch can they be wall mounted?

What happens if the other residents steal it off him?

Could you not have big TV's built in?

Is there a communal TV?

Can you give me the options so I can have this sorted by Sunday as he will be in no state after the amount of drugs they pumped into him to do much else and I wish him to be comfortable at least.

Best Wishes

TC replied 10/4/21 and was very helpful as usual and I replied back.

Dear TC,

Thank you for that information I will order a medium sized TV to get delivered then and hopefully the wi-fi can connect.

Most helpful information, I think we both get what needs doing.

Best Wishes

Sunday 11th April 2021 there has been no word from the MHA now that I am officially declared next relative. I even had to call Dominique as I had her mobile number from 2020 and ask if preparation was in place for Sunday. She said that she had not in two days seen my email or proof of next relative and that she would at 3.30pm, the time of the call to her, ask the clinician if he was happy to release Edward, on his and my legal authority, to safeguard Edward and bring him home.
Since Dominique called me back at 5pm and told me that the clinician was going to ban my request, I asked that it be put in writing to me as there was no grounds and a ban would require grounds and that was to be done also on time. Nothing was sent and so I was half expecting to have him be freed on Sunday since they did not formally let me know that the correct paperwork had been filled out and on what grounds. However on Sunday despite getting a cab to meet with him and collect him, he was not released.

I decided that since I had had no communication and that the MHA were assisting in delays to justice for Edward to take it up with the medical practice tribunal service. They were very helpful and referred me to the General Medical Council.

Dear MPTS,

Doctor Neil Stewart of Highgate Mental Health Coral Ward has twice taken my brother and misused the Mental Health Act 1983 to drug my brother against his will and mine, his next relative.

Edward Moss has a hole in his heart and could die from the seizure inducing medicines as well as strong antihistamines.

He was in A&E last time with respiratory problems.

He's been held down, injected, assaulted by those under Dr Stewart, so his licence to practice medicine and human care should be looked into and suspended pending investigation.

Edward Moss was due to be discharged today at noon.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss

They replied and referred me to the GMC

Good morning,
Thank you for your email.
I am afraid that the MPTS is unable to assist you with your concerns as we do not investigate doctors. The MPTS makes decisions about doctors’ fitness to practise in cases referred to us by the General Medical Council.
I have forwarded your email to the General Medical Council, but if you would like to contact them directly you can find out how to do so on their website.
I’m sorry I cannot be of further assistance.
Kind regards,

I replied back

Dear MPTS,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in making a referral to the GMC.

I will follow up with the latest abuse of protocols and treatment of my brother in the care of the psychiatrist and his staff/admin.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss

7.23am 12/4/21

12/4/21 My reply to the above

Dear MHA,

There are many aspects of Edward's care and his medicines that are not being communicated to me as next relative.

This includes yet another aspect.

Do you have a copy of that request and can you send it to me as I wish to see the strict grounds for detention regarding harm to himself or others quoted and proved as his solicitor asked for in the last tribunal?

Meanwhile can you send me a list of his medicines and dosages and timeline for them since admission, any meetings arranged before and going forward and times he is aloud out of his room, times he is allowed outside and any restrictions he has already faced?

As his next relative can you let me know all these things and consult me on all future decision making/meetings by phone 07916 325037 (not using a private number so that I can tell who is calling) and email giving me prior notice of call times that suit me as I work full time from home. This includes being there at ward rounds on the phone and notice of them.

Can you also stop consulting with other members of my family as Edward has requested this today? Therefore, unless I hear otherwise from Edward, he has requested I alone and not Patrick his former next relative will be attending all meetings on the phone regarding Edward's care. Please let Patrick know by email that the request by Edward is this and will be respected.

I am copying in his solicitor regarding her safeguarding his legal entitlements, in regards to your reply and forthcoming evidence of the ban on my request for discharge and if you are indeed accurate, as I don't think the rules have been applied.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss

Response on 12/4/21 3.23pm

Dear Ms Moss

Please see attached copy of barring form completed by RC.

The hospital managers will be in touch with you in due course.

I have forwarded your clinical requests to the ward team as this is in no way reviewed by this office.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Maggie Deas

Margaret Deas
Mental Health Law Administrator
Mental Health Law Hub
Highgate Mental Health Centre
N19 5NX

This was attached and is copied in below

Form M2 - Regulation 25(1)(a) and (b) Mental Health Act 1983
Section 25 — Report barring discharge by nearest relative
(To be completed by the responsible clinician)
To the managers of [name and address of hospital]
   Highgate Mental Mental Health Centre, Dartmouth Park Hill, London, N19 5NX     
[Name of nearest relative]
      Mary Moss        
gave notice at [time]
on [date]
   9 April 2021    
of an intention to discharge [PRINT full name of patient].
   Edward Moss  
I am of the opinion that the patient, if discharged, would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to other persons or to himself or herself.
The reasons for my opinion are—
    Mr Moss suffers from schizo-affective disorder and is currently severely unwell with it. His illness has been worsened over the years by the abuse of multiple different substances of abuse. He is currently suffering from psychomotor agitation and profound thought disorder.
He is likely to behave in a dangerous manner to both himself and others if discharged. His dangerousness to others takes the form of verbal abuse, property damage and threats. In Coral Ward he has been repeatedly aggressive towards staff and patients. He broke a heavy door in a rage approximately ten days ago. He is dangerous to himself. He puts himself in very vulnerable situations by provoking others, who then threaten him. I have witnessed another patient react adversely to Mr Moss swearing at him, by shouting at Mr Moss over several minutes threatening to assault him. In addition, Mr Moss endangers himself by profoundly neglecting himself.    
[If you need to continue on a separate sheet please indicate here     and attach that sheet to this form]
I am furnishing this report by: <Delete the phrase which does not apply>
consigning it to the hospital managers’ internal mail system today at [time].
today sending it to the hospital managers, or a person authorised by them to receive it, by means of electronic communication.
sending or delivering it without using the hospital managers’ internal mail system.
Signed         Responsible clinician
Email address (if applicable)    
Date     9 April 2021      Time     17:25    
(To be completed on behalf of the hospital managers)
This report was: <Delete the phrase which does not apply>
furnished to the hospital managers through their internal mail system.
furnished to the hospital managers, or a person authorised by them to receive it, by means of electronic communication.
received by me on behalf of the hospital managers at [time]
on [date].
Signed     M Deas                                                                  on behalf of the hospital managers
PRINT NAME    Margaret Deas             Date   09/04/2021                         
© Crown copyright 2020
Mental Health
This publication is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0 except where otherwise stated. To view this licence, visit
Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned.

My response much later on at 7.30pm on 12/4/21

Dear MHA,

Sorry I was taken away from this earlier due to an urgent work engagement.

Having now read the reasons my initial thoughts are;

Schizoaffective disorder is a mental health disorder that is marked by a combination of schizophrenia symptoms, such as hallucinations or delusions, and mood disorder symptoms, such as depression or mania

Sometimes, however, psychomotor agitation does not relate to mental tension and anxiety. A 2010 study found that there was also a link between psychomotor agitation and nicotine, alcohol, and drug dependence. In other cases, psychomotor agitation can be caused by antipsychotic medications.

A thought disorder is a mental health condition that affects a person's beliefs, thoughts, or perceptions. Thought disorders alter the way a person puts together ordered sequences of ideas and can affect a person's behaviour by causing them to experience paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, or other symptoms.

Likely to behave in a dangerous manner is not evidential it is opinion

1. Edward broke a door trying to escape and succeeded 10 days ago, he recalled the incident when asked as his intention to escape detention and a profound security breach, where he simply kicked the door in two places.

2. Verbal abuse, or verbose is part of Edwards personality. His mother was a member of Mensa and Edward went to the London Oratory. He likes to watch university challenge and is often conversing on philosophies as it normal. If Edward is in danger by being verbal, do you suggest that slowing him down for a period of time will ever rid him of this?

3. Edward does not neglect himself, the medication caused him to soil himself and is a well know side effect. On the occasion of Edwards escape, he went back to St Mungo’s and presented himself after going to his room, when sighted as dressed in a dapper manner as per his usual attire. He remarked also that he wished to keep his tracksuit bottoms with him as he had only just washed them yesterday and he said it’s seems a strange thing to have got slightly attached to HMP a tracksuit.

It would seem that the psychiatrist has identified a drug dependency disorder like many people in the UK have.

That is not a reason in itself for Edward to be detained. If it were most of the UK population would be in hospital instead of a rehab.

The hostel caters for the disorder, they call it dual-diagnoses and it would seem that they and the social workers linked to Edward's care have not done their job and I have seen no evidence of any plans going forward for them to do their job.

I refute that my brother is behaving in any other way than someone who is angered by his detention and is regularly being depo' and assaulted by the staff for wanting his freedom.

This I would suggest this is exceptionally normal human behaviour.

Edward therefore is not a danger to himself or to others. I have looked after him throughout the pandemic and it should have never been questioned, to cause delay in regards to my normal caring relationship for my brother.

I attach evidence he does not neglect himself by way of photos taken in Nov 2020, Dec and January 2021.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss


I have heard nothing since and today whilst evidencing this history for the Hospital Managers Meeting, it has been in total 10 days, so there has been ample time to convene a hospital managers meeting, since they all are from the same trust.

I called Roman Mental Health Social Worker as he had been on leave since late March until 19th April 2021 and is normally nice with Edward, when he see’s him. I then emailed TC at the hostel and asked for both of them to make plans for Edwards return and to put a support plan in place, since they are funded as a ‘dual diagnoses’ (drugs/MH) placement.
His housing benefit claim is still open and is in danger of being closed if he is not returned to add problems to everything.

Dear TC,

I hope all is well. There will soon be a hospital manager's meeting and I want to ask you to attend by phone?

I will let you know of the date when I know.

I will be asking Roman also to attend.

During the meeting to discuss Edwards possible release on the same day, I would like to have some offers/plans put in place around Edward's drug usage and any possible idea's going forward in his future for him to not feel the need so much to take drugs. The plans/offers may involve activities, perhaps a smaller placement with activity-based ethos and/or drug programmes, support groups, residential settings, holidays, volunteering.

Also, to discuss his environmental needs such as a better room and of course the TV which will be on the way soon.

Edward has the need to get the jab, glasses, a doctor and a community dentist. He could do with being offered dental implants on the NHS for his confidence. He may also in line with the wishes of the clinician be expected to keep up his one dose of aripiprazole 15mg as this historically can help and so perhaps a placement offering supportive environments for administration of meds may be looked at. We do need a good plan for Ed.

Anyway, I will let you know the date and how to access the meeting by phone as well as let Roman know too.

Hopefully if there is a care plan I could have it in advance to discuss by phone with Edward. His number is 02075614000 if you want to chat with him about any plans going forward too.

Best Mary

Response 7pm 21/4/21

Hi Mary, I am very happy to phone in to a meeting, or attend virtually. If at all possible, I will make myself available  even if I am not on shift.
I am happy to update Ed’s plans to reflect any wishes he has for his future, activities and goals. I do agree that Ed needs something more structured in the way of activities, and I am hoping this can be achieved as we come out of lockdown. I am not sure what Ed really likes doing, but there is a gardening based activity programme on the south side of the river which is not too far from Endell. This is run by Mungo’s. I can enquire about places and what they have going on?
Not sure what is available in the way of other projects/hostels/rehab, but from previous experience I believe that most of such placements/moves would have to be initiated by Ed himself.
I will forward the below email to Roman.
Have a good evening
Kind regards
Terese C. Lundquist (TC)
Project worker
83 Endell Street
London WC2H 9DN
020 7632 4000

Dear TC,

As always very positive response.

Thank you

Added above whilst writing as email came in 21/4/21.

I also had a response from the CQC today 21/4/21

MsMaryMossSent by email:
Ref: ENQ1-1056565584821April2021
Dear MsMoss
Re: Your complaint regarding the care and service received from CamdenandIslingtonNHSFoundationTrust

Thank you for contacting the Care Quality Commission (CQC) with your agreement that we can forward your concerns to the above care provider for them to investigate and respond directly to you, copying in the CQC.

What should happen next is that the provider will contact you directly in relation to the complaint you have raised.
They will also let you know the date by which they intend to provide you with a response. I

 have asked that a copy of the acknowledgement and response sent to you is also sent to the Care Quality Commission. Should you have any follow up complaints I would suggest you liaise directly with the provider to avoid delays or protracted processes.

Once the provider has concluded their investigation and provided you with a response to the issues you have raised, should you remain unhappy with that response you can approach the CQC to ask that we consider conducting a review into any unresolved matters.

We would need you to clarify your outstanding concerns and explain why you feel the response has not fully addressed your complaint and to confirm the outcome that you are seeking.Care Quality Commission have also had to adapt our ways of working and at present are extremely limited to what we can send out by post. It would be preferred that we can correspond with you via email where possible.

We are sorry and recognise that this is not ideal in some cases, if you do not have access to email at present please feel free to contact us via our contact centre to discuss.

Please be assured we are working tirelessly toensure that any delays are kept to a minimumOn the completion of local resolution you also have the option of contacting theParliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Office (PHSO), saying why you are not satisfied.

CQC Mental Health Act TeamCitygateGallowgateNewcastle upon TyneNE1 4PATelephone: 03000 616161(press option 1 when prompted)

Their address is:-The Parliamentary and Health Service OmbudsmanCitygateMosley StreetManchesterM2 3HQ

If you have any questions about whether the Ombudsman may be able to help you please contact their helpline on:Tel: 0345 015 4033Email 0300 061 4000

Further information about the Ombudsman is available at Ombudsman can consider whether to investigate complaints that the NHS (and NHS funded care) in England have failed to act properly or fairly or provided a poor service.

The PHSO is the final arbiter in any complaint matter and therefore the CQC cannot consider any request for investigation once the Ombudsman has reviewed a complaint.

The PHSO may decide that your complaint would be more appropriately reviewed by the CQC should it be about the way an organisation has applied its powers under the Mental Health Act.
This would not include disagreements around clinical diagnoses.
Our legal powers are discretionary –this means that we can decide whether or not we will investigate a complaint under the Mental Health Act, but please be assured that we always read and consider every one we receive so that we can make that decision fairly.
We will always write to you and explain our reason for not conducting a review. Should you wish to complain about our decision not to investigate you can contact our Corporate Complaints Team by phone, letter or email.CQC Corporate Complaints Team
151 Buckingham Palace Road LondonSW1W 9SZ
Phone: 03000 616161
Email: information you have given us is extremely valuable in helping us decide now or in the future if people using a service are receiving safe, compassionate and high quality care. What people using services tell us informs our decision making and helps focus on areas of a service that may need attention by a provider.

We publish full information on our policies for processing, sharing and protecting personal data at you require any further information please contact the Mental Health Act Enquiries on 03000 616161 select option 1 when prompted, quoting the above MHA reference.Yours sincerelyTuri MaddisonMental Health Act Senior Complaints OfficerMental Health Act Complaints Department

So the position as it stands is, Edward wants to be released.
I can no longer communicate with him coherently as he is very sedated and still claiming to be assaulted.

At the Hospital Managers Meeting hearing where the clinician has resorted to barring my request for discharge, I will make an application as the ‘nearest relative’ to have Edward Moss discharged. I will say that he has never been a risk to himself or to others, he is known as a gentle soul with a very intelligent side to his personality, he is caring and generous to a fault and has never had any history of harm to himself or to others. He does take drugs and he is supplied by the DWP with copious amounts of money to have drugs. This then makes him vulnerable to others, the drug cartels currently being funded by the DWP and with no end in sight, which seriously makes me despair as a concerned sister. There is no place it seems in the DWP to manage his money for example giving it to him daily and I would recommend this at the least. There is no drug rehabs available but that is not a good enough reason for Dr Neil Stewart to give him lab drugs.
Medically he has a hole in his heart and was born with that. He has a hernia so that cannot burst with fat inducing lab drugs. He has repirtory problems on the lab drugs also as some of them are prescribed for dangerous dogs.

I am of the firmly held belief that the section 3 is doing him more harm than good and outside at least he has choice.

I suggest his verbal abuse is solely due to his anger at being unlawfully detained, I feel the same as him on this and am furious at the lack of duty of care shown towards him in a so called mental health setting, where next relative is barred.

If you do go to the county court so that I am removed I will accuse you of attempted corporate/medical manslaughter.