Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brilliant - BBC File on 4 report - Insurers Accused of Hampering Child Abuse Inquiries Insurance who do nothing for abused and in fact stand firmly in the way of justice -

My insurers repudiated the claim due to the landlord 'not repairing on time' so they said they broke the terms of the insurance.

Yet the insurer legally defended the landlord 'One Housing Group' at a legal cost of half a million against liability for 12 different legitimate incidences of disrepair at my two premises, for which two structural repairs were never carried out, leaving me illegal to trade & eventually out of business. As well as fighting for my rights acting in person through the British Courts.

Was I a danger to absolute liability? Was I a danger anyway, since I was acting for the victims of child abuse and the insurers were well aware of that. Stopping me must have saved a claim or two!

PS Also Babarah Kahan ( ) featured in the report was yet another adult adviser to NAYPIC (in fact she interviewed me for London Development Officer in 1987 when Carol Cox NAYPIC London Development Officer suddenly died at 21yrs old- RIP - with Pat and 3 young people from care and another NAYPIC worker) - We had many but none are an endorsement of them as people and none held any power in NAYPIC! I was NAYPIC's development officer from 1987-1992. I resigned to work on National Development & National Structure. I was voted in at Scarborough National Annual General Meeting & National Conference by 365 young people from care as their National Chairperson. I was re-elected in London by 1100 young people the following year, when the organization voted for a youth economy & youth parliament, by statutory demand.

My advice for insurance companies is this - you won't stop abuse claims because they are true and should be compensated. However treat this like austerity. Better to take the medicine now than pay out more and more later. To have children with right's can only mean no more abuse, much like what happened when women got the vote. Get with the agenda, work with people like me, not against us and at the end of the day our members and your shareholders will be better off, with a more healthy future. You can't stop this change - so help it happen!