Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How can so many people conflate two separate cases? Andrew was my snuff movies case.. nothing to do with the Elm Case.. now all those who have used him you know who you are, leave him alone, Midland is politics of the highest order.. Andrew was just one of the victims of another crime as seen on / the model group its aims and potential / the need for a project like ours and how we have identified this - • Andrew, Bradford , sexually abused/child porn/snuff movies. We have all the evidence of flights, hotels etc. Andrew subsequently kidnapped from one of our development workers house when he stepped out her flat door. He had a blanket thrown over his head and was taken away in a vehicle. Seen next day in a Rolls Royce by a member. A few days later showed up at our offices demanding we give him back all evidence as he had the Walthamstow brothers outside waiting for him and the evidence. He was told he would be set up in a nice cushy job as a photographer back in Bradford if he behaved. - Andrew talking about his experience of snuff movies from a tape recorded in 1990 - He still does NOT have a lawyer despite being core to police invsetigations!!!
While you are busy doing politic's cases like this need investigating.. Andrew is being harrassed by the media THIS MUST STOP -

Andrew does not have a lawyer despite being core to police investigations - Any help with that would be appreciated -

This is an attempt to prove he was abused and he has got evidence of it - He was a NAYPIC case 1990 - Not to be confused with any other!