Tuesday, 20 January 2015

NAYPIC was taken from us 1993 and 2010.. I think we should fight tight to get it back and call it third time lucky!! Thanks MARY MOSS - Details on the new FightTight plan at bottom of this page


Remarkably similar to the 1992 model don't you think? NAYPIC... 2000 to 2010 & still in an insurance scandal!

So here is how we do it! I have a social enterprise and I have been setting my mind into thinking for a while now on how I sell the 100,000 offices I have on the books. Of course knowing me this is just another NAYPIC plot but so what it's professional and respectable as it should be!

I thought I’d need an army to make the social enterprise 1%4ART so well known worldwide.

Also I have been frustrated with the lack of real progress with the furthering of children’s rights by establishing an independent youth parliament with statutory rights cash, so together I came up suddenly, when the penny dropped, with a plan to solve two problems in one!

As you may have gathered representation of youth is very poor and this is especially poor on survivors of abuse currently a major scandal breaking!

I wrote how to set up a local group ages ago and much of it was hi-jacked but is very ineffective and too collaborative with child care Gov and professionals.

What I did in setting up spaceshift.. Etc NAYPIC social enterprise in 2000 as seen on my website was to develop not only the local group as I futuristically predicted in 1993 but I made it self sufficient as that was the lesson learned when the Government closed us down as we knew too much about Government child abuse.

The 2000 version as you see from this blog also got closed down – hardly surprising!

Now this could be the third time lucky as I said;

Most people communicate via the Internet so there is no real reason for spaces anymore to make young peoples voices heard. However it is still important to meet at festivals. Conferences etc and for this cash would still be needed for a youth self-styled voice. Also people like lifestyle so we have to make speaking out attractive and co-ordinated and not just a one off radio show but actually an international fashionable voice – hence lifestyle –

Now I can offer on all the 100,000 serviced offices worldwide that I have (and don’t ask me the in’s and out’s I have been in self sufficient business for years and I have the deal in place) a 1% commission to anyone who managed to get a serviced office rented, which is the easy part.

All you have to do is like the 1993 handbook I wrote be the two reps from each local group and use the social enterprise as your way of making money monthly.

Each serviced office you sell makes your group a 1% per month income for how ever long the office is rented. Typically in the UK that would be roughly £100 per month per office. So a few offices rented are income and means you can work for this and get paid a bit as well as fund the group.

We would need to be part of a co-ordinated blog or twitter and then eventually your own world wide website – Potentially getting statutory children’s rights cash that is the ultimate solution in the war on child abuse.

There is the bones of it and if I can’t get to do this for whatever reason they close me down or ruin me or destroy my reputation or worse then my permission is given for you to do it for yourself using my business as it is all automated, all of it.

Basically as long as you show me you have asked someone in business to SELECT a serviced office through my website and it comes to a booking you get your 1% - for your local NAYPIC / YOUTH PARLIAMENT group. It’s that simple & professional.

Currently to apply to be the representative of your NAYPIC local group world wide contact Mary Moss at Lets Fight Tight as much as we can!

Good Luck!