Friday, 3 August 2018

IPSO why are you buying time this time?

An active smear campaign against ex-pop star has been taking place for many years due to Brian's knowledge of an abuser. Whilst watchdogs take time to redress the situation that gives the media and co ie the police time to make things much worse so that the apology will contain a different narrative

For example Brian Harvey's computers and phone were taken in Nov 2017 but do they print that... no they wait and get their house in order..... and IPSO help them!!!!

NN/YP Youth Parliament

If you would like to go through the papers line by line, I wouldn't bother. This is tatctical of these ombudsman types. Just keeping it to the point is all we need. They will probably throw it out anyway so don't bother giving them more rope to do that than is necessary.

I am going to leave it there for now. Lets see if they are what they set out to be. Or just a piece of bureucracy

NN/YP Youth Parliament

NN/YP Youth Parliament

I don't know why the emails always come out scrambled.

That should say taken from him by the police.

NN/YP Youth Parliament

Yes, they make him out to be a nutter. They are mocking him. They have all a way to make him the subject of worry for his mental health and not what it is he is saying. Although anyone in his current position would be scared for their life, hence clearly why he made the video, this is spun into a hate crime against people with stress and anxiety which is a normal condition. Dishing out supposed facts that back up their theory of why he should be seen in a worrying light. This is an invasion of the right to a private life, unless of course the papers reported accurately which they did not. An example was to deliberately mislead the public by saying Brian said he had clones. One read of that and you'd think anyone was off their rocker but no what he said was the computers that were taken from him by the olice were backed up. CLONED!

Dear Ms Moss,
Thank you for your email.
I’m sorry if this seems like a drawn out process, but it is important that we fully understand your complaint before we make an assessment of it.
You have expressed concern that the newspapers misrepresented Mr Harvey’s comments on “clones”.  Are you able to provide a link to the full video in which he makes this comment? If it is the 18-minute video, could you identify where in the video it appears?
You also have not yet provided the Metro article under complaint. The link you provided shows a list of articles about him, but not the story you are concerned about.  Has it been removed?  
We look forward to hearing from you within seven days, if possible.
Best wishes,
Jonathan Bell
Systems Handler

NN/YP Youth Parliament

Another email later...

NN/YP Youth Parliament

The full explaination is in the 18 minute video between 9.05 minutes to 10.28 mins where the 'clones' comment is fully contextualised.
The former East 17 star told the camera he is 'ready to go to war'
You may be right on the Metro it may have been removed.

NN/YP Youth Parliament

NN/YP Youth Parliament

This video is relevant as is your delays making the situation worse with no public redress.
Please deal quickly with the complaint.

Not to stop the process here is the 18 min video too
Enough is Enough. I am asking the Uk public for your support against these corrupt truthers, Police, and Government bodies that have been trying to ruin, sca...
This is the recording that the former singer of East 17, BRIAN HARVEY had posted on 2nd August 2018, via many website platforms. Brian Harvey says that Police come to ...


NN/YP Youth Parliament
Today, 09:46
(No message text)

NN/YP Youth Parliament

This is ridiculous you have it and not only that you mention it is 18 minutes so that is a fact you seen it. Please deal with the complaint within 7 days.

Todd Stammers <>
Yesterday, 15:39You

Our References: 04541-18 ( 04542-18 (Mail Online) 04543-18 ( 04544-18 (Daily Star) 04545-18 (Metro) 

Dear Ms Moss,

Thank you for your email

Could you provide us with a link to the full video? 

We look forward to hearing from you within the next seven days.

All the best,

Todd Stammers
Systems Handler