Thursday, 15 October 2020

More on Labour Party Greenwich Councillor Vanbrugh ward, home of PIE and ex-social worker and Olympic fraudster/launderer Cllr Chis Fay

It's strange going through the NAYPIC documents taken from Mary Moss in a raid by the police 2013. 

There seems to be constant notes by Fay in the documents and many are well before he came to NAYPIC which is an oddity. Like notes on the Children Act 1989 when he only arrived Dec 1988 and yet his notes are on a Children Act summer 1988 doc. Worth mentioning. He had no involvement with the ACT! Also whenever his notes are on a doc you look further along and the same doc appears without his notes!

Even at a Management Committee meeting his name has been inserted differently on the exact same stamped document. 

Seemed the police, the press and certainly the IICSA inquiry totally use his bad name to ruin our good name. He was not NAYPIC and never will be but they all call him NAYPIC even though he was never a young person in care and NAYPIC is Association of Young People In Care weird ehh?

However this is a very interesting piece I just found. Again someone will say Fay of NAYPIC what do you do????