Thursday, 24 February 2022

Waiting for disclosure on my brothers inquest again... No legal help and then being messed about!!! Not even a Camden hearing but why?

Edward Moss 
Mary Moss Thu 24/02/2022 03:40 Please let me know when the review is complete today Mary Moss David Brereton Thu 24/02/2022 03:40 I am out of the office until Monday 7th March 2022 with no access to E-mails. For any urgent matters please call the office on 020 7538 1201 or E-mail Mary Moss Thu 24/02/2022 03:45 Dear Coroner, Following a series of emails with David Brereton, he told me that you will be completing your review on all the disclosure received today, 24th Feb 2022. This then will be sent to me as Edward's legal representative. However, he is away for 2 weeks upon prompting today. You will appreciate that I will need this review and disclosure today so that I can prepare for the inquest in April 2022. Please could you forward the disclosure and review then directly to me regardless of David's leave. Kind Regards Mary Moss coroner.poplar Thu 24/02/2022 03:46 You have reached the generic inbox of Poplar Coroner's Court. Thank you for your email. We will respond to this as soon as we are able. Mary Moss Thu 24/02/2022 10:30 Dear Coroner, Please let me know why I had no disclosure today and why the review was not forwarded to me? I was informed two weeks ago that this was happening today and can only see this as a tactical delay. If disclosure is delayed, then I need the inquest vacated in April I wish to have a jury led inquest and that has never been answered. Please see attached reasons that lead me to the conclusion that this is a cover-up. Kind Regards Mary Moss

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Can't get a legal rep for a death

Dear David, I would like to have full disclosure as a most interested party within 7 days or I would like the inquest hearing April 19th 2022 vacated as I have been given limited time, at this stage to prepare. I have asked for it to be jury led and this simple question has never been answered. I would like full disclosure in order to identify the relevant issues and to identify the key witnesses who will be required to attend the inquest. As an interested person/party I have a right to actively participate in the inquest proceedings in my role as Edward's sister, next relative under the MHA and as his named 'next of kin' on his GP application in August 2021 at short's garden surgery where I attended the surgery with him and have sent Lloyd Simmon's the previous coroner, that application as a copy. I know you requested his medical notes and I know I did. However, you got them and they deducted mine and told me to apply to NHS England, so I want your copy to make it easier. As the coroner you have a duty to establish the circumstances of Edward's death, as part of that investigation I have the right to have the evidence. When I last spoke to one of your colleagues, he said you were not legally obliged to give me that evidence, so I would like you to set out the full reasons why? I have a right under section 47 (2) Coroners 7 Justice Act 2009 - 'right to see any written evidence'. I would like full disclosure of the documents held by the coroner. I want the right to question the witnesses. I want the body cam footage of the police and witness statements of medics and of the staff at the hostel or any other witnesses including residents. Please note the hostel has closed itself down but I want the CCTV footage of Edward entering the building and of not-withstanding data protection of people's images the full version of the hours leading to Edward's death, so from 6pm-11am 8-9th July 2021 and the eight hours after his was found dead or had small signs of life, until he was placed at the morgue. I want to know why he didn't attend Accident and Emergency A&E. I have significant rights that enable an interested party to participate fully in the process and assist the coroner's inquiry. I have struggled to find legal representation from over 10 firms so far. So, I wish to legally represent myself as the only way of giving Edward a voice at this inquest. I would like to request the following; CCTV at the scene of Edward's death as a crime scene as well as telephone conversations in relation to the death of my brother before and after. Full Medical Records. Witness Statements from everyone at the scene. I would like you to source Edward's Parliamentary Ombudsman complaint as well as the CQC complaints and their replies from Camden Mental Health teams. I would like to know if the staff had training in resuscitation or first aid. I would like to know if there was equipment in his room that could have prevented his death, and or what equipment was of a first aid nature in his room. I would like the policy of drug dealing on the St Mungo's/One Housing Group premises. I would like a copy of their insurance in the event of death and liabilities. I would like to know why they immediately have closed themselves down and if this has to do with a cover up of Edwards death and to destroy vital evidences and any possibility of questioning other residents. I would like to know why I was not told about my brother's death until I called. I would like the decant policy for St Mungo's hostels and the average time residents spend in the hostels. I would like the number of deaths in Camden's hostels. I would like to have the total spending from the homeless persons unit of housing benefit provided and why it is allowed to be three times more than a household. I would like to know if the hostel considers themselves as a 'care provider'? I would like to know if they are monitored as a provider? I would like to know what training and qualifications the staff have to work with people who have disabilities. What is the level of care? Is this a care setting? Who monitors it? I would like to know why the police are allowed to arrest a resident in their bed? I would like to know if the home office was involved prior to Edward's death? I would like to know if the mental health services had been contacted before his death? I would like full police statements. I would like to know why the death was not considered suspicious by police. I would like the mortuary video footage to check that Edward was dead. I would like to know if you as the coroner, once you have obtained the above, consider this as an article 2 case. I would like to know why we were told that Edward was not at the St Pancras morgue. I would like to know why the original coroner was moved to West London. I would like to know why the hygienist cleaned Edward's face? I would like to know why Edward looked so badly bruised in the face? If you do, I would like an expert witness and funding for one to answer why Edward's blood was still red on the surface 4 days later at the morgue, after considering the past two years of history of police harassment of Edward that is subject to a Parliamentary Ombudsman complaint and that this complaint was accepted the day before his death. If you do not have any of the above, then I invite you to obtain this evidence that goes to the key question of how Edward came by his death. You will be aware of your duty that if you see or have evidence that further deaths will occur, then you have a duty to prevent other death's occurring. Kind Regards