Thursday, 29 September 2016

History tells us no one ever listens therefore youth must have a budget given by parliament of their own..

Dear Alison O'Sullivan,

I have copied below an email sent to Baroness kennedy of the shaws QC today. I will write again when I hear back from the Baroness or secure another venue.

15th January 2016
Dear Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws QC,                     

I met with you at the offices of the National Association of Young People In Care a number of times in 1990, just after I did a speech at a Legal 500 event in London, as a Development Officer for NAYPIC.

Over the past few years as you might have seen NAYPIC and a raid at my London home hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons and that has partly led to the CSA inquiry being set up.

When NAYPIC ceased to be funded in 1993 by the DoH, I had already resigned from my 1987, five years employed post as London Development Officer, as I found that I needed to expand NAYPIC structurally to a National level and therefore could only do that at a voluntary management level, from which I was then to give a public speech to 365 members at conference, to be successfully voted in as elected chair of the national organisation. 

I wrote the manifesto 'Time for Change' as a development officer advocating a National structure and then as chair I wrote 'How to set up a NAYPIC local group' and organised a weekend conference at Skegness for 450 young people across the country to elect the National Executive Committee for which I again did a speech and became elected chair of the NEC. 

I believed then as I still do now that empowerment is not and never will be rights.
I believed then as I still do now that children by the very nature of them, do not have money.
I believe then as I still do now that there is no central agency that expresses the views and opinions of young people through an elected and democratic process and NAYPIC was the last organisation that was effectively voicing some of youths most troubling experiences for society to become aware of the issues and hopefully work with NAYPIC to do something about it all.

Did it take one dead monster for us as a society to see the tip of an iceberg or had we already known? 
Well that as it is, is neither here nor there!
That is not to say I don't care but what I am saying as I have always said, is without hearing what NAYPIC says, NAYPIC being by nature children in care who have seen the worst, how do we know what to do? 
We speak from experience, we don't speak from psychological or sociological points of view, we speak because we know! 

The reason why I am writing to you is to ask for your assistance in ascertaining a room at the House big enough for about 660 young people from the UK that will be two persons a borough. 

I will then approach another 90's person I used to know very well and last I saw him he was having pizza in my house as we were working late on a presentation for NAYPIC DoH funding the next day, Bob Lewis, Social Service Director of Stockport and head of the ADSS Association of Directors of Social Services. He kindly endorsed our conferences throughout all social services making it so much easier for us to get the representatives and their carers to our conferences. 

I will try my best to get his equivalent now to do the same.

I will then email all the districts after sorting out the venue, workshops, speakers, elections, lunch, accommodation, event insurance, t-shirts, baseball caps, membership cards and various  travel arrangements, so that the event runs smoothly for all the members and carers to enjoy.

The aim of the conference will be to prevent other non established organisations from setting up non democratic, unconstitutional and without structure fledgling organisations at this crucial time and to also crucially advocate the creation of a Youth Economy by statutory right, to be eventually voted on in both the House and the other house, so that young people who represent youth people by election do not waste precious time constantly asking for funding, often funding that can be withdrawn by interested parties in the continued abuse of youths rights. We have freedom of association but where is the association? A pound a head for the 12 million children in this country would be a small but good start to a budget by right!

Babies, children and young people have no right to a voice, a youth economy, a budget by law that they administer, will bring about the change this society and then the world needs.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss