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Mary The current social enterprise for an Independent Youth Parliament Economy.. Artists can join, property owners can join and buyers can contact for matching info

Monday, 21 January 2013

I asked that the policy makers met with me well well before I put it on the net.. why did they take so much time and then raid me instead? All I wanted is to make sure that we were all protected those of us at NAYPIC and those who tried to expose this before and most especially the victims!! So why did the Government disrespect an organization and representative that was so involved and met Carol at the National Association of Young People In Care Offices (now not defunct as stated before just in a corrupt four year court case and still standing and winning ).

Anyway it does not surprise me we were offered no meeting and now no protection.. but what does surprise me is how the media will not report on it...



So how you doing Media and Police and Government... isn't it about time NEW NAYPIC/YOUTH PARLIAMENT are helped to stop being persecuted and rise back up to where we should be.. Respected.. but hey are young people respected, are children respected, are babies respected? No!

And in the words of a well respected House of Lords Member from 1991 "Young people will never have any power in this country unless you set up a youth parliament"

At this time through their social enterprises and have been disabled!!! You work it out? Victory in court COMING SOON!!

Any pledges of support will go to our social enterprises... email

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Unless you haven't gathered yet I'm Mary Moss of New NAYPIC/Youth Parliament and and for which I set up this blog as I am in court at present..

However I had no clue this would blow so as fate would have it I now have 10,000 hits on this site..

The Sunday People have shown they are not scared of the lawyers and shown the way forward as this is in the public interest

Okay on a practical note.. this painting "Bridging the Two Worlds" is for sale.. contact for details.. It's 54x60 inches .. £3,000... ONO... Sister picture I sold to The Band 'The Darkness' in 2005.. my computers are compromised so need to sell now... Keepin it real!!! CUTS, legal aid etc...

Friday, 18 January 2013


Calling for Lawyers..

Due to the statute of limitation and of course the recent changes made by Ken Clarke with the massive unbelievable cuts in LEGAL AID for the most vulnerable in society New NAYPIC/Youth Parliament have for some time been thinking outside of the box..

The thinking has been pretty much along the same lines as selling art.. 50/50 is how that has worked for much time now for us running our galleries and that is pretty much standard.

We wanted to set up the Law Center/Detective Agency called 'IMPOSSIBLE' (this time freehold) and get a website up and running with a software designer that shows pictures of VOLUNTEER Lawyer's who do one case each and then when they have done one they get a red X through their face. It it very innovative as an idea but also very simple in the face of all the cuts.

You see what bothers us in all this is the victims are not tooled up!
Our Volunteer lawyers would be CRB checked and have to have a good track record they can prove.
We don't mind which field they are from as a lawyer is a lawyer and when a survivor say's "speak to my lawyer" they are somewhat already protected.

As for all this talk about the people from these children's home's not getting compensation, that is the insurance companies talking as all these corporate are insured for public liability and quite frankly they can afford it.. so don't worry about that

Now if per chance there are some lawyers even one's that are not yet working and have qualified but can't get into a chambers yet.. your skills and gold dust value of them are needed at IMPOSSIBLE which as of today we can start on a hooking them up with a legal rep level...

So any INDIVIDUAL (not firms) who can send a CRB check to us please leave a comment below.. step out as a volunteer and lets hook you up with your case.. we have waiting..


As for the NHS they should think at this time about the possibly 500 plus victims they may approach their GP as a starting point for post traumatic stress disorder and have some Rapid Eye Movement therapy ready and waiting for them at this time of national crisis... it is the least they could do...


There may well be some victims that have to come in from the cold, who have hidden themselves protectively away or changed names or ended up in psychiatric care or on the streets... for them we need social services to provide immediate safe houses with police protection... much like a hostage coming home...

We need to provide witness protection also for those who it could be are pretty savy about the situation and that have gone on to do great things with their life as a healing way of dealing with the past and do NOT want to open a pandora box of emotions or dangers... for them they should be 'offered' police protection at this time but most especially privacy too...

Friday, 11 January 2013

  •  I think this is what got my house searched...


    RE: Allegations of Abuse : Operation Fairbank‏

To see messages related to this one, group messages by conversation.
Dear Paul,

Since no one has been arrested in connection with the info I gave Alister Jackson and David Pallister I don't believe it will help for me to meet with you and further since David is actively working with you, you therefore have the file and as you say it is on the web.

I don't want to be a part of this, unless the powers that be, meet with me, who suffered the torment and real dangers of being involved in this in the first place.

I'm not being funny about this but my name crops up in this left right and center and that is disconcerting in itself. The only way I would feel protected is to meet with a top Government official and since they seemingly have no interest in me and what I have relentlessly done with my own resources as a volunteer in the meanwhile for child protection for the future dismantling of it and what I advocate for and on behalf of what was once a large membership (before this story took us down) then how on earth do you think that I in my right mind want to be involved in this again.

I am currently trying to get on with the development of children's rights in this country and am having a hard time doing that because too of the powers that be!

Your attempts to get me involved again neither advise me of any procedure or assure me of anything. People got killed. We got closed down. I am just trying to keep to a more positive way of dealing with this and that is being marred by all this media and police contact. I don't want to be a part of that. I made it clear, very very clear I want to meet with Government. So what is the problem?

I got a letter from the PM's office saying the Home Office would meet with me. I then got a letter from the Home Office saying that I was to meet with you. That was a circular waste of time and the co-ordination in that is just a slap in the face so how can I take your nice email seriously.

You know that in all those years of being involved in this it was that that brought me to a very positive conclusion on how we go about helping the victims and potential ones. How does a Government then not want to speak with a key player in that and find out really cool, healing and not rock the boat politics, solutions, that help those victims now especially with such a National interest at present. It is prime opportunity for me to get what I want for all youth. Is that so difficult for the country to accept. There is now a door that could be open but it is not!

Politics is of no interest to me or to the victims but it is to those that see it as a way to bring down Government's etc but what use is that to the victims. I do not come from a political camp. I had my eyes peeled open to abuses that were taking place and like many we just don't want it. I know that development of right's can be a frightening thing for people but we need that to happen for children. Not for those that don't need it but for those that do. So the procedures and rights have to be in place and they still are not.

What use is there in all this if we cannot take the right steps. I have been hi-jacked in many ways before when even others were set up as puppet organization's with controls put in there just so as the Government could say that they were actually doing something. What good are reports etc recommendations. A few arrests and a few innocent ones too. I see this for what it is. And I want no part of it and how dare you insinuate that I put things wrong by publishing what I have done on the web as to be honest it was better than giving it over to the police who COULD be said to be doing exactly what you purport may happen by me publishing it.

I think your approach should have not been so NICE just formal. Like

Dear Ms Moss,

We have put in place procedures of witness protection for any victim you may know of or can still track for us as well as resources for legal assistance in the form of solicitors and lawyers of the victim's choice (backed by the CPS) with co-ordination to oversee the whole operation of any potential prosecutions by senior counsel (by a named chambers of high regard then you name and give history of their rep). We are currently using resources of National TV, the internet and of an army of highly trained sensitive specialist police officers who are tracking down the victims (and give some stats of work to date). We have been given unlimited resources and have the assistance of MI5 and 6 as well as the S.A.S in finding these abusive criminals and bringing a credible investigation to the public's attention to show future abusers we mean business. We are also writing a report to put to the Hse of Common's and the Lords to raise sentencing in this country. PTSD counselling is also available to you, your workers and the victims too as we understand you have all had such terrible knowledge for many years with no action being taken.

We understand that this is not an issue for which most people who have faced it want raised again but in the spirit of public interest in historical abuse we would ask if you would be happy to assist us at this time. We can provide such things as minor expenses like travel for all concerned. We perfectly understand if it is too difficult we have much experience of this with other crimes where people just don't want to be involved for fear of their life. We can only reassure you the police and gov mean business this time.


Instead.. you treat us like kids stupid ones, 5 cops a secret op and we all get wounds opened that would prefer to stay well healed...

So you may not like me but I like myself.. and I do not want any more than to be left alone.. if that is okay with you, the Home Office and most especially the Government.

You have all I know. So rest assured I have nothing hidden and I don't need to be dead or have my family destroyed or set up or beaten up or have an accident or mentally ill person attack me or be followed, hacked or bugged or anything of that nature. If the Gov have a change of heart I would really still like to talk to them.

Perhaps it is all too late to contain but there sure is a way of putting a good vibration on this and that is not happening.. I have been running and running to get positive change..

I am not the type to use this for myself.. it needs to happen.. you may see that in years to come

Subject: RE: Allegations of Abuse : Operation Fairbank
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 10:59:39 +0000

Dear Mary
Thank you for your reply. I would like to reassure you once again that we are taking this matter very seriously and are committed to investigating it in its entirety. I have noticed that in addition to sharing the file with journalists, you have posted the documents online. whilst I appreciate that you have done this in good faith could I please ask that you share these documents with us at the earliest opportunity. There is a real danger that by publishing them in open forum, potential evidence may become contaminated by third party interference or even potentially destroyed. This of course will significantly reduce the chance of us achieving justice for the those victims who have suffered for so long. I truly believe that this is not your intention. Once more could I ask that you contact me at your earliest convenience so that  we can maximise the investigative opportunities that are contained within the documents you hold
Many Thanks
Paul Settle
Detective Chief Inspector

 For someone who seems to have a real interest who ever this is who has just suddenly popped up on the net talking about me... why were my coments not published... AWAITING WHAT MODERATION... I wish you had published them and we could just leave that in your small world (since every other journalist is being respectful of my name and position) because the last thing I want to do is give your site any traffic but.. you leave me no choice..

As for good sites see Marl William Thomas.. and also the needleblog... Now please leave me alone.. I am already paranoid...


Mary Moss: The Real Deal?
Posted January 10, 2013 by madman in Elm Guest House
It’s been a frustrating 72 hours.
Life has managed to intrude on my efforts to really dig into the documents “half” made public by Mary Moss, current real name Jo Flores. That is changing a bit now.   The effort is being helped by the fact I am collaborating with someone who’s experience, intelligence and curiosity is a real bonus.
I will be blogging in more detail, but developments have prompted me to write this piece to people in general.

Jo Mary, Jo Mary.
Jo Flores, it is obvious, is a troubled lady.  You only have to look at a photo of her to see that. Her blog shows money problems, an ongoing court case and some potential personal delusion (a family tree link on the youth Parliament site that insists she is descended from the Plantagenets).  Huge red flags should be waving as to her reliability.
However, my belief is she is the real deal…up to a point.
The reason is simple and in two parts.
1. I have been informed by someone trustworthy that Operation Fairbank is “as advertised”. It is unacknowledged and seems to be separate from the general Police, pointing to them being very aware of the potential criminals.
2. They are aware of  Jo Flores and are concerned that her decision to go public, rather than take up the invitation to meet them, may prejudice potential court cases.
Number 2 has been confirmed today indirectly.  If you search for Mary Moss NAYPIC, or Chris Fay NAYPIC on Google, you will see a notice that results have been taken down in lieu of a decision from a cease and desist application. This is obviously the Operation Fairbank team trying to stop the problem of potential trial prejudice spreading. So at least some of what she has revealed is probably in the right ball park, so to speak.
I say “up to a point” because we must be cautious.  Some of the documents look genuine, photcopied letters etc.  Others have handwriting scrawled on them and some are totally handwritten. Jo could, for some reason perhaps related to needing money, have embellished the original details she obtained to try and create a profitable media explosion. However my belief is that the core of it is true – the knowledge you would have to have of the subject to write down all that would be difficult to pull off if you were faking it. The rest, well we will find out in time.

Trust The Police…For Now.
So, with the above information, I have decided that mentioning names would be stupid.  The Police do seem to be on top of this and taking it seriously.  They also now know the information is out in the wild, should they not take it further.  For the real consipracy theorists, no that’s probably not what you want to hear.
Operation Yewtree took a couple of months to start making arrests and the implications of Operation Fairbank mean that the Police have to be DAMN SURE before arresting anyone, espoecially old Tories still protected to some degree. So let’s cut them some slack and not go mental in wild speculation,  spewing what could be complete rubbish all over the internet about people who may not be really involved.
Also, please be aware of libel laws.  Attacking people like Mark Williams-Thomas for not being all over this is unfair.  Half the names on those documents are alive.  Therefore, as well as prejudicing a trial, a criminal offence, you could also be opening yourself up to being “McAlpined”.
Recent history should have taught all of us to tread carefully, that’s why there is a media silence.  The media are all aware,  you mark my words, but to expect them to open themselves up to libel by saying “there’s a load of names on the net” is naive.  Alert the public to Fairbank and how it could link into the more “exciting” Yewtree investigation, but try to keep sharp, otherwise we are doing more harm than good.
Having said that, researching the background and the framework of the story is fair game and that’s where my focus is for now.  My first post on that will be out soon, once I clarify a few details.

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Lets get this straight. I am not deluded I was in care due to my father sexually abusing me at 12 (never been prosecuted even recently tried and police have no report despite 13 court cases in 1981) now all my life I never understood why he could do that to me and I know it was probably because I was born hard.. and no matter how much he beat me and my family and torchered my mother I never cried and that got him and he had to do something to me extra to fuck me up.. still it did not answer why.. he hated us so much as he is not mad but a very clever man and he was very suspicious as a character and very powerful in whatever he was involved with which was something to do with Ireland.. he used to get questioned by the police after bombings and come home like he got off scott free for whatever he was up to. Now my mother who died last year (thank god for her bless her to finally be free of the bastard) well she said one day when he had beaten her black and blue as it just came out then and only then that he had raped her when he met her and she got pregnant.. so pieces of the puzzle were coming together for me.. but there were more secrets to uncover and I knew it. Of course as a kid one knows that much about real politics and later in life I had a few co-incidences that made sense to me anyway about the story.. the rest of the pieces now made sense and only I now know who I am and why things now make sense for me as to him.. That is a personal part of my life but the reasons why I put the family tree on the web are nothing to do with my past…. It is to do with later events of a corrupt court case in 2008 and I thought “you fuck with me on certain levels I’ll fuck with you the same way with the same game, now who do I know?”… I was astonished when I lost my court case for trespass of both my art galleries in WC1 and amazed beyond belief when I got landed with £400,000 of legal costs for fighting for my rights in a court as an ordinary Jo.. so I thought ‘so it’s like that is it.. so.. ummm who do I know who is as powerful as you.. the courts…’ then I remembered my mum who always talked (but I took not much notice) about her mum’s sister Aunt Helen Lloyd and the Lloyds Bank and how she could not have kids and wanted to take my mum off my nanny and my mum used to say she should of and I suppose that was funny and perhaps that why she was taken to London to as she said ‘become a lady’!! So I got hold of her will from 2001 and then in turn her friends and benefactors and asked them for help as I’m not called for nothing.. I had worked tirelessly unrepresented for years in court and I knew I should have won but instead I was potentially ruined.. for life and so was NAYPIC (its in appeal at present as lovely pro bono unit people are finally helping me and guess what they are winning.. see I told people but no one got it… it’s very complex disrepair) so YES I used the tree as to be honest.. once I knew of it which was only last year thanks to a bit of detective work and the great internet facilities I thought wow.. how amazing so that makes me the living Great Grand Daughter of the King of England who set up the Royal Courts of Justice.. like I cared not.. but it was quite funny.. its just that suddenly I was not someone to be toyed with as much as an average Jo and perhaps that is why I am now getting help, I am not stupid about that, as it was my intention.. I also then could understand so much more about me and my past secret past. To be honest I would of used anything to get justice because I am not having two great businesses stolen off me and it is as simple as that. I own two art galleries FACT and although yes you are correct am currently in poverty… I have never been poor.. I am a professional and am being put down by an insurance company and a powerfully connected landlord.. over some really boring floods which they should accept liability over but which are not interesting to anyone but us.. however they did fuck with the wrong person… I am a very capable worker.. although I am getting on and just want to go back to work.. Someone said on a blog perhaps the art galleries were just a cover for NAYPIC.. well that is now out of the bag drrr.. of course they were. They were the seedling creations of an independent Youth Economy to fund an independent youth parliament… as stated on my websites, and In 1992 we were viciously closed down because we were investigating the case of Carol Cazier. I set up the first gallery in 2000 and the next in 2004. Because they were healing enterprises and not negative like all this stuff but also they were mine and not funded by Government and my plan was that by setting up the second one, we could create a franchise for all young people to be involved and they could join my course ‘the founders 007.. and we could do something about all this kind of stuff by simply setting up a law center for children and smash cases to bits with lawyers we would pay for and detectives etc.. I got broken into Oct 2008 and have been in court since.. that is my background.. so please don’t assume anything.. Now back to that story you all want to know about. It was a strange time for me and there was not only Carol’s death but two supposed suicides of our NAYPIC workers which I cried over for 5 years solid.. Our NAYPIC offices were broken into too and everything was taken swept even the furniture.. I recall being in a leaving care meeting or something of that nature around Whitehall or Downing Street working with NSPCC and NCB anyway what ever it was I came into the street of the NAYPIC office at Camden and saw a big white dustbin van clean as you like with no markings and there was a man who was throwing them into the dustbin cart van, with one of those (decorating type suits) white overall’s on and there was obviously a driver as he ran… when I shouted ‘oiiii’… to the left of the front of the van and the van pulled off fast.. I screamed after the van and I could see they had missed a few very tidy packed black bin bags lined up outside the doors but they got everything else.. I knew we were finished.. so I took the gun out of my bag (plastic magnum) and left it on the shelf of the office and thought ‘you bastards we’ll be back..’ NAYPIC was already in the media some well bad press shit.. I knew something was going on.. as I was really ill and not in my right mind it was surreal.. and could not understand why.. I was paranoid as fuck.. especially that day… hence the gun (a toy).. us workers were I now know being drugged I suspect.. weird shit was happening.. it’s all to do with that case. Now Carol got murdered by Dr Walker in my opinion because a girl told me the details who was at her house at the time about her injecting into her bum her insulin and they found the needle in her arm after the GP visited…and by chance he also was my family doctor and my dad used to always say he was a police doctor and he beat him up once in our living room in front of us kids and his sister too.. When I saw Dr Walker at the Inquest I said ‘hi I’m Mary Moss and my dad beat you up in our living room he looked shocked’.. until I said yeah he was a **** and then he relaxed as he thought I was on side (when actually I just couldn’t believe my eyes) .. Now there was 13 Newspapers in that court. 13. 13… I was giving evidence and said only what Carol had told me which was about all the MP’s involved and the child porn that was going on secretly and the children’s home kids taken there. You see Carol was in my opinion such an innocent.. you use instinct.. she was a woman who ran a guest house in Barnes when a few characters put it to her that she could run a gay guest house and make money as they had good connections and they also pleaded homophobia and this gave her a bit of a cause as she certainly wasn’t anti-gay and lobby had done well for gays at that time so she was all on board with the whole gay thing and business is business after all.. What is written in that file yes is mind blowing but trust me I did not write it.. I still don’t get it myself.. I was a worker who would get a call from a kid and sort out their problems by phoning up their social worker and just say my name Mary Moss.. and it would get sorted. I had 100’s of cases. That is because of all the TV appearances I would do and the exposures so social workers did not want trouble from me. So Carol walks into my office one day (Job: Development Officer for National Association of Young People In Care) as she knew of me and tells me her two children were taken off her and because they were made wards of court she could not take a case for them and for her to court to prove that she had never let them be abused before they were both 18 years old and there was three months to go.. She told me she was running a hotel had some fab parties, yes there were prominent people there but hey this was a nice suburb and that was her business .. but it was only on that night the police raided when she stupidly thought it was just gay bashing that her eyes were peeled open for years to come about what was going on under her nose… I do believe her and I met her for about three months before she got killed.. she did not know before.. They put a (D notice )defence of the realm notice on publicity and 2 days later in the Daily Express.. the smoke screen.. brothel.. her kids abused etc and they had her kids as security… but that was not the case.. I only said verbally what I knew from what she said.. we had an adult Chris Fay advisor (not a worker!!) working with us about a number of other cases relating to his neck of the woods and.. yes there were links and yes I had other independent cases were there were direct links which is how you put it all together these things a bit like you are all trying to do now.. but Chris wrote that file and his friend John Oaks a journalist.. MI5 connections etc..however having worked in this arena its all bullshit.. people wanna bring down Government’s, sell news etc but really that is not my game.. yes the timing of it happened during my court case of 4 years and I wish instead it had of happened when NAYPIC was as it was from 2000-2008 well well posh and well strong and we would have been ready for this.. but hey that is life.. we’ll be back when we win and well if not then it is strange the timing of the Jimmy thing.. destiny is not quantifiable …. we worked in those dark days of Carol and all who got hurt over that to achieve children’s rights in this country and that still has not happened.. The police who contacted me were from the same area as who killed her.. so of course I was paranoid… They got a search warrant for my home on 7thJan 2013 and took what they needed and my computers but fair enough I see now.. I put it on the net for our safety as I was fed up of being chased during my case when I was very busy.. and exposures is not my thing anymore it’s too dangerous… I by chance got to meet the Fairbank team of 5 at my flat then and yeah they have good vibes so my instinct says co-operate perhaps things have changed… I do hope so… I do not wish now to speak to the media even about my court case as I now have the best legal help.. I just got my laptop back tonight and this is all I want to say on the matter for now.. no one reported it then in the media out of 13 newspapers except the sunday sport.. now is much the same.. I pray we get a YOUTH PARLIAMENT… It is the only positive thing that can come out of this… 1100 young people voted for it before we got closed down in 1992 with headlines NAYPIC is dead long live NAYPIC….


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Sorry very tired.. it was the 9th Jan they got the search warrant and entered my flat to go through every thing I have in the world.. DID YOU SAY I AM FAIR GAME????? ODD!!!!!!


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Hmmm you all make me sick.. just fuck off with your shit… I’ll sue you all LIBEL you better worry.. fuckers… That is changing a bit now. The effort is being helped by the fact I am collaborating with someone who’s experience, intelligence and curiosity is a real bonus.YEAH VERY ODD!!!!


On a better website the needleblog this comment was made…

2 Responses to Unlawful Killing – Princess Diana’s Death
  1. Anna
Hiya – another vid that is very pertinent. Story of stone of scone relevant
Startling claims
links in to the family tree page from this website
Stay safe -we’re all on your shoulder. :)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

I was issued with a search warrant on the 9th Jan for all doc's relating to Carol Cazier.. I am sure I offered them to the Government but maybe my lack of having horses prevented such meeting.. I have had my flat swept by Op 'you know who' completely and professionally and in a very tidy organized and friendly manner.. I am now co-operating with them. I have been given my laptop back today but they still hold 19 NAYPIC boxes which I handed over to them today without I had them hidden in a friends.. for them just to check in case there is other related info..and one motherboard computer also which was ceased.. just to put other blogs at bay... with what really happened.. after I published all I have... which you now know.. I am not fair game to have my life intruded on in this way but I trust that in my line of duty to the case and the victims my life will still stay quite private.. other than my work.. as they are the only one's who now know absolutely everything about me.. nice