Monday, 14 July 2014

It took over one week for the people to be heard regarding Lady Butler-Sloss. The corridors of power must have been buzzing with people saying 'no way' to this conflicts of interest. The arrogance of the Prime Minister as part of the establishment was to try to get away with the glaringly obvious conflicts of interest. At the end of the day the people won, without them, sheer arrogance would prevail. Is it any wonder that the establishment time and time again get away blatantly with corruption. There are many ways to stop people with good aims, setting them up, harrassing their family and friends or taking everything they own and have built off them - I am just drawing a parallel on my legal blog so as not to detract from what is a most amazing victory today X

How the convention was breached
       21.  Article 6 Right to a fair trial & Article 1 Protection of Property
21. Article 1 & 6 of the European Court of Human Rights has been breached by the UK. MJVFF has evidence of corruption, be it somewhat political that is of no interest to her case or her personally. However the President judge of the Supreme Court in the UK and as was at the time the Master of the Rolls had his judicial assistant writing reports to the presiding judge to reject permission to appeal from the county court and also the original president of the Supreme Court had his judicial assistant writing reports too of the same nature. There is a conflict of interest as that is a family connection that should have no part in my case and that is not due diligence to have that take place. The Baroness Neuberger was the chairperson of the large social landlord who trespassed my premises and the leading judge is her brother in law Lord David Neuberger.