Friday, 15 August 2014

1000 views in 24hrs huh!!!

The world is coming together from United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, France, Australia, Spain, China, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Norway, Lithuania, Japan, Sweden, Turkey, Tunisia, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Israel, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Moldova, South Korea, Greece, India, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cyprus, Chile, Croatia, Taiwan, Venezuela, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Peru, Iraq, Bangladesh all those countries watching this blog.

Maybe I can talk to people soon about solutions as that would be refreshing.. Maybe we could talk about well laid plans made by us for over 25 years.. because it's about time people know the positive that can be achieved- NOT JUST THE NEGATIVE - ! Sign the petition please and help promote it if possible Many Thanks to those that care but Do Something!