Sunday, 30 March 2014

Time Line to being Outcast...

Before & After... We decorated to corporate artistic style beautiful total refurbishment with 9ct gold leaf, £5,000 wood floor, flower newal post, glass bar, Haddon stone fountain etc

We had stack pipes from outside our premises bursting into the space, flooding from outside the space, and no air holes from the beginning breaching building regulations, illegal to trade from day 1.

Oct 2008 - Owner of two galleries - Paid rent for 3 months in advance - Trespassed - Galleries Stolen

Nov 2008 - I re-enter my stolen property and all my goods with a professional locksmith - Proof of payment was shown to landlord - yet Trespassed again - Galleries stolen again

Nov 2008 - Went to High Court - Showed proof of payment - I Took back both shops

Dec 2008 - High Court Hearing of both landlord & I - I won and held the shops - Payment established

Jan 2009 - High Court order me to produce a claim that the landlord failed to make insurance claims when the shops were flooded and breached building regulations so were illegal to trade from, yet still they wanted rent!!

July 2010 - County Court Trial 10 days Judge fails to allow me to give evidence, does not read claim

Sept 2010 - Judge gives pro-landlord Judgment and confiscates both my galleries - First Corruption

Sept 2010 - I prove Judge did not read my case and he admits it - He then gives a second Judgment

Sept 2010 - He still is pro landlord but has now cleaned up his mess and still confiscates both shops

Sept 2010 - I apply for permission to appeal - The Judge refuses - He says if I get the transcripts yes

Sept 2010 - The Judge then does cost hearing and fixes laws to take shops & apply £500,000 costs

Sept 2010 - I apply for the transcripts in order to appeal - No transcripts are produced by Oct 2011

Nov 2011 - The Civil Appeals Office has a brain wave and asks for the landlords solicitors notes

Dec 2011 - The Permission to Appeal Judge reads her notes and refuses permission to Appeal second corruption

Jan 2012 - I ask for an oral hearing as it is my right to -

May 2012 - At oral hearing Judge says I still have a case! - Lots of press are there & I get interviewed and photographed outside but no story appears.

May 2012 - Judge says I have to have legal representation, I get proof he has asked his friend to do it, third corruption

Dec 2012 - I approach another lawyer to the courts dismay - The lawyer wins - but leaves bits out. Lots of Press there and I get interviewed by 3 top journalists but no story appears.

Dec 2012 -  I ask that I can put bits back in, as have only heard pleading today and the Judge says yes

April 2013 - I put it back in the case that I had asked for the structure to be repaired as it was illegal

April 2013 - I showed proof I asked for the structure to be repaired as it was insured but no reply

May 2013 - Appeal hearing day changed to the next day, the day before the two day appeal no notice 

May 2013 - I ask to add in my points of asking for repair but despite proof in emails this is denied so fourth corruption

May 2013 - I present case, I show proof I am insured in my lease/contract and claims weren't made

May 2013 - The landlord presents their case saying they have no repairing obligations (not my case). Instead of me replying to this, as is my right, day two is abruptly cut short by lunch, mid me speaking when the Judges without any warning stood up and walked out! Press there but no press appears.

May 2013 -Despite landlords obligation to make insurance claims, Judge say no obligation to 'repair'

May 2013 - I ask to adjourn Judgement - I have not pleaded the landlord to 'repair' but to make claims

May 2013 - Judgment landlord had 'no repairing obligations' in the lease - Fifth Court Corruption. Press inside and outside but no story.

May 2013 - Having asked for implied obligation' for landlord not to breach insurance by saving on not making claims, notwithstanding I was insured anyway in lease/contract, they made it up that I had asked for a repairing implied obligation - I have never pleaded this at all and would never as neither of us repair - We are both insured with joint insurance, where they make the claims and I tell them if repairs needed

June 2013 - I apply to Supreme Court - Follow the rules - Court has 28 days to reply - No reply

Nov 2013 - I apply to European Court of Human Rights keeping six months since last judgment rule

Dec 2013 - Reply from ECHR application correct & get barcode stickers from them for future letters

Dec 2013 - ECHR's only ask me to resign the application as they think signature is photocopied

Feb 7 2014 - I get an 8 months late reply from Supreme Court (so I now have till Aug 2014 to apply to ECHR with the 6 months rule and I might have to reapply with a lawyer at this rate within time, if they throw me out or just don't reply like all the courts thus far, its so corrupt to litigants in person) that permission to appeal be refused because the application does not raise an arguable point in law. But the law is BT v Sun Life and they know it..

Feb 10 2014 - ECHR say they got my resigned application & need the Supreme Court Judgment now

Feb 10 2014 - I already had sent the Supreme Court Judgment in post on the same day to the ECHR

Feb 17 2014 - Just to be on safe side I send another letter to the ECHR's asking if they need anything

Mar 6 2014 - Phoned ECHR and told that my case was not important so couldn't speak to registrar. She also says that a decision was made on the 7th Feb and I would get it soon.

Mar 6 2014 - I send supplementary medical proof of stress but say I am not a victim, I'm a survivor

Today I am left with no reply and the last letter that says if all the relevant doc's are not sent by 4th April 2014 the file will be destroyed... but all they asked me for is the Judgment from Supreme Court

I look forward to some joy soon in this case although I feel like an outcast.. Perhaps there is only now divinity... Happy Mothers Day XX

The shop last week, it's across the road from me, it is now empty but has been badly trashed rent free!

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