Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Propaganda Wars

I personally do not like Ben and Kenny's ice-scream, unlike sub-what sand-witches, it's more the real

One must see that in line of duty we are asked to question all the time

Especially in propaganda wars, where what seems so obvious, is actually not the crime

Many years ago I was told a sorry tale of psychiatric wards and high society abusers who had access to these jails

So when the media exploded and someone in immediate power was on plate tectonic footing, it seemed to me, they orchestrated the desired effect quickly, to avoid a prolonged public looking

These clever media spins, the victim exposure so all of them win, with mistaken identity a repeated play that did the job anyway

Where money changes hands and actors play out plans, to instill fear, that's clear and collect information, you hear, doing their job for them, my dear

I sued the police force for assault and battery once and won, as even the top brass can get done, in this here England's fair and safe land, make no mistake there is nothing to run from

So while they run with the story, don't trust anyone might seem boring but wait till we have the power and you will see your hour...

Don't go talking to 'them' unless you trust 'them' that say they were abused are also telling the truth as they might be the Devils brood...

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