Monday, 24 February 2014

Well done Harriet

I had a hunch it was a smear campaign, I am glad you came out and said something. I think you were pushed though into that but I don't understand, so why don't they now that they have your answer and logical it is, focus on listing the members of that PIE organization?

They seemed so fierce with YOU.. maybe they should redirect that anger eh!

I understand now what you said about it being a 'comment' in the first introduction of child porn becoming a crime!! I think we all needed to hear that as that made more sense to me at least anyway.

As for infiltrators well we all know about those, just look at the Gracewell Clinic as a fine example with inmates allegedly watching child porn as an aversion therapy. Then there is all the double bluffers that divert attention making it near on impossible to go for the same abuser again when they see how the double bluffer gets treated seems a good plot to stop more real victims coming forward especially if they are in hospitals. BLOGGERS saying they care yet print sordid pictures they too should be charged with as offensive child porn and graphic comments none of us need to see.

Let's have some positive action very soon and not the stuff that sells the news and spreads fears when there is a generation ready and waiting to have progressive answers not more horror stories. MJVFF

Here is a funny comment I heard about today's news and I think it touches on how people really feel about a woman that has done good work for the rights of people in many walks of life for many years

"Have never read anything more ridiculous than Harriet news today!!Daily Mail....wouldn't wipe my arse with it!!"

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