Wednesday, 8 May 2013

See my beautiful shop photo's below... as long blurb from me before that whilst WAITING for my JUDGMENT...Just in case you don't know what was taken from me and it was just a shell without even a floor when I got it so this is all my artwork too.. this is where the birth of an independent youth economy happened because money is power was my lesson and without that there is no protection from the powerful... The shops were Trespassed in Oct 2008 because the landlord broke the terms of the insurance and created an 'act of ommission' so the insurers wouldn't pay liability due to the landlord this rendering me the innocent party uninsured and then they broke in to get rid of the whole claim and hoped I would not fight them but I still fight for this with no legal defence team just Jo me, as the insures even after stating that the landlord made the insurance void by failing to repair on time so therefore of course business interuption was a much higher claim and the insurers simply would'nt pay.. however ironically they made a commercial decision and apparently they can do that, even though they were my insurers too and I should have been legally seen as separately insured (FOS current investigation) as I paid a premium to the landlord they actually decided after a dispute as to who was going to pay me to instead chip together and back the landlord the bigger party instead of paying out anything I don't know who they thought they were dealing with idiots... So a case that should have taken max a year.. the powerful landlord with whom had the insurance paying for the most top legal team in the country to defend a liability claim big boots deep pockets sort of attitude and for just the cherry on top luck of it, this public body landlords chairperson was no less than the sister in law with the top Judge the Master of the Rolls in the UK (god almight someone start asking questions?) who I then find out is having his own judicial assistant writing reports to dismiss the case and I have the evidence silly people why they wanna fight me..GOD it couldn't get any worse or could even after being kept a prisoner of the court for 5 years yes 5 years. (oddly enough finding out I am living direct decendant of Edward I who set up the Royal Courts so na na na na na.... my connections should haunt you and wreck your mind like you have done mine in wanton disregard for a decent hard working human being) I get told on Friday after a harrowing experience in the court which I cannot comment yet on and hopefully never will have to...if... they wanna treat me fair as actually I have very important work to do and want to take this blog down and get on with they tell me that I would have to WAIT for my Judgment... unreal...I say how long and they say within 3 months.. that is unreal and this goes on and on... and its mine... and so is the law on it, so if all they can do is keep me a prisoner they have a poor defence against a defenceless Jo so what are they waiting for EXACTLY!!!! Questions need to be asked.. you all watch in some sadistic way an do nothing.. get a grip... this is corruption ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!!!!!

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