Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Time to support this youth leader...

Dead lock.. Times got to change! Opportunity for the taking today!

Mary Moss whose house was raided at dawn by nine police officers to seek the names of public figures from casework she held in trust from young people from care is in court tomorrow to demand 1.9 million in damages from her landlord of her social enterprises New NAYPIC (National Association of Young People In Care)/ Youth Parliament trespassing her premises in 2008 effectively stoping her good work in setting up a youth parliament independent economy. Ms Moss was horrified by allegations of child abuse as a worker for NAYPIC in the 90's so in 2000 set up two independent art galleries and to fund her own business she saidthe galleries were a calm cover to make money to expose these people by gathering evidence and eventually taking one class action massive case for all the survivors.

However Ms Moss stumbled on more trouble in fighting her public landlord than she could believe!

Representing herself and yet undefeated as the landlord had powerful lawyers and more friends in high places in court than she could believe!

She has recently uncovered that the Master of the Rolls from 2009-2012 (whose sister in law Baroness Neuberger who was Chairperson of her landlord) was actively involved in her case as was the President of the Queen's Bench Division Sir Antony May!!

Channel 4 news have been given the evidence!

Ms Moss was due in court 1st May 13' after 5 years being held a prisoner of her own case and the wheels of justice turning oddly very slowly, that evidence may suggest why the hearing was suddenly cancelled!

They say she will be seen today (2nd May 13') at 10.45am, a public hearing in court 70.. She wants you all to be there to show that people who stop child abuse should not be stopped!!! See her blog on the continuing court story!

She says she will set up an independent economy and real Youth Parliament if she wins.. 

Be there and show that young people can organize for change instead of just rioting for it!! This is the time to show your face in support for 1.9 million pounds in damages, a court room full would show spirit, for the big people to stop messing with the little people.. It may be her only way of stopping more corruption today.. 2nd May 13 at the Strand! London High Court. More reporting of encouraging positive youth good action is needed just now and not just reporting celebrity youth in court for trouble
Mary Moss ;-)

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