Monday, 6 May 2013

Dear Lord

Dear Lord Sugar,

The question is was I insured for the two art gallery buildings - Answer - Yes I paid a premium to the landlord Community Housing Association now One Housing Group

The question is did the damage come from the parts of the building retained and in control of the landlord - Answer - Yes all damage was outside of my control with not a single shared use so it can't even be an easement it was all outside of my demised premises.

The question is did the insurance policy for which my commercial shops were a noted interest, (so I would be treated as if I had insured separately and in the event of any incident provide cover for liability) in the event of damage provide for cover for business interruption- Answer - Yes but if the POL property owners liability goes over a certain amount on the primary buildings policy UKU then they have an additional cover RSA excess liability cover, which says on the policy documents that I showed in court last Friday, is to be treated as an integral part of the policy

Quick Question - How many months did your landlord fail to repair or make building insurance claims? Short Answer or long - Short 154 months over 8 years  with multiple leaks flooding occurring so subsumed-

Did that render the building worthless as it was enveloped much like the reservoir in Rylands v Fletcher case that flooded his mine - YES

Last Question - You say you want an implied obligation to clause 5(22) of your lease which says that if you break the terms of the insurance you will be liable and/or that 'absolute liability' will be excepted and the Rylands and Fletcher case, which gave birth to public liability, brought back as law - Do you think that that is possible as a person who represented yourself for 5 years agains CHA, and their insured- in effect can an ordinary Jo Win - Yes I believe so - Absolutely

Loved seeing you last night at the show

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