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What the HELL!!!


Dear Kerry,

To say I am perplexed on a number of issues is an understatement. I have had the full range of emotion from suicide, to imagining changing to a more greedy barrister who cares about what it is I have lost and will fight tooth and nail hi-lighting the losses not minimising them to a rental value, which is not good costs defense or damage defense.

I shall try and keep to the points at hand and be still, in being frank with you, as my best option presently.

When I asked you on many occasions by phone and by email about the ventilation issue, you said you would prefer to keep your powder dry.

As your client albeit pro bono I found that odd until now, with metaphorically minutes to go to put bundles together.

Jan did the very same thing to me outside the courts with minutes to go until we entered the court room as to the issue being 'hopeless' with no explanation WHAT SO EVER!!!

In your advice in point 27 you do it somewhat differently and add in ventilation as 'IMPROVEMENTS' alongside, shutters, no floor, no heating.

I will tear this apart.

Firstly as a point of fact, where does 'NO HEATING' fit into this, as it is not in the claim? PLEASE ANSWER DO NOT IGNORE the first question?

Secondly when I first opened the case representing myself in July 2010 I said in my opening statement;

'I will win this case with just three important documents'
they are as follows;

Pages 112 & 113 of D1, "standards"

Pages 148 of C2 (of our evidence file 2) "Theft" HAPM & or the Building's policy

Pages 669 of D3 breached terms of the Insurance condition 2A & 2B - legal costs covered

As stated above I asked you at the start in Dec 2012 and as late as just last week about PART F BUILDING REGULATIONS in relation to the non-exisitance of  any 'ventilation' in spaceshift causing active condensation and large mould growths everywhere, breaching building regulations and with no application to the Secretary of State to have this DISPENSED WITH OR RELAXED (the landlord is NOT above this law and having 'AIR' is not an 'improvement' I think you'll find as without it a horse cannot be legally kept on the premises never mind it rendering us as being open to third party litigation from any hired in client/party rendering the building illegal and unfit for purpose since day 1... yes a very important point of LAW) and yet you have failed in your 'law' advice to deal with this by even making ANY reference my constant question.
You know that the ventilation is the largest part of the claim!!
A fool know's it.
Marc Beaumont QC whom read those very same files in one week (we paid him £10,000 to do so), even once tried to use it as a bargaining tool, 'drop that and I'll get the rest', 'it's not the lottery' he said!! So of course the rule of law is being compromised by barristers playing games, you admitted that yourself in your first conversation with me and have in this advice tried to make me complicit to the same rules of manipulation rather than JUSTICE!!! I don't want to play by the unsaid rules, I just want what is fair and reasonable as to my my loss in real life in real terms.

You have said you did not need conference with me because you were only dealing with the LAW aspect (I suppose you are used to clients that don't know law and not highly educated in their own case like me who represented myself for years before pro bono took the case over on direction from the Judge in May 2012 and on seeing this advice I am pretty sure you have not seen my legal paper of that hearing with regard to 'laws'), yet you add in PERSONAL detail of my private life, which I only told to you in a brief confidential chat saying 'you are the only person who will know this', as I was very upset in tears about how long the case is taking and how ill Chantal was, hence her difficult decision of not even being able to speak with me for her own safety and mental stability, since I deal with the case and she also believes that there are other sinister aspect at play after she was suspiciously drugged and knocked unconscious last year in a public setting. I told you all this as a woman to woman as normally I deal with men who don't care at all about me in fact they say things like, 'well you're not on a drip' and think if one presents themselves with any dignity in appearance that they don't fit the bottom of the pile  infrastructure in place for us 'POOR' and patronised commoners.. oh god it would make me laugh if it wasn't so tragic. I cannot tell a man or a woman it would seem the essence of having a claim hanging over your head since 2004 oh 9 child bearing years.. because what difference does that make to my claim either?

You see fit to mention our personal relationship without Chantal's 'social investor' or 'business' context, without either any reference to Chantal only being involved since April 2004 because she believed in me and my work creating a social enterprise for all the abused children to get listened to finally in a court of law paid for by my social economy. You just dropped her in this 'advice' with complete irrelevance as being my once 'sexual partner' (girlfriend) and the 'loss' of that which serves no purpose in your legal advice and is not in the claim!! The same happened to many people but that is a by product of the slow wheels of justice and often other elements at play.

The reason I put such emphasis on this is YET YOU DO NOT MENTION that I am in the middle of a 'media storm' of the greatest historical magnitude this country has ever seen in terms of child abuse and how I told you I fear for my life at present and so do aspects of the public and friends and neighbors have said I will be set up or worse. I have had this before but different as the public did not know last time. My whole family was persecuted and infiltrated. In my current situation this may be not just in a mortal way as there are many ways to kill off a person including ruining them for life in the court system, perhaps a rather civil way of achieving the same result.

It's the exact same with any set up from the MSM which without being put back into the position as if this did not happen asap, I am again fearful (and as I said to you last week I have never felt in such a weak position) that I will get sabotaged in that direction too as they are in touch nearly everyday.

You know Kerry when you OWN two posh premises they cannot hurt your reputation media wise and they also fear libel.

My premises are mine lawfully and my court case is the only current armor I have, albeit I'd rather have my shops and offices and my cash and capability of making my economy instead of stuck on WTC to fund my eligibility to get prop bono help... To put you in my shoes it is NN/YP's first line of defense from assumption.
Remember who I was, I was their very capable Development Officer, a professional, despite my appearance which seemed to go against me god knows why.
I am a social entrepreneur not a jump up and down campaigner. I like to do things with a bit of dignity but as you are all aware I can be wound up and fight like a lion when pushed. Everything I am I planned. I know all about prejudice and do NOT fall into assumed categories. You'll find more dirt on any MP than me, there is sweet nothing.. do you think I did not know what I was up against!!!!

Independent On Sunday page 6, 3rd Feb 2013 article on Carol Cazier my NAYPIC case, would have far more relevance to 'loss of opportunity' in that I cannot help my current cases at present due to my social enterprise being STILL in court for over 4 years. Also just to let you know that when I put my family tree on the website two years ago, the maximillian website had a cease and desist order put on it within weeks. On page 7 of the Independent there is some bones of a relative of my tree story fresh news breaking story but that is irrelevant too, isn't it?!!

May I ask that what is relevant, you keep in mind and remember I am a ordinary person whom in the course of my work found out more that I would have EVER wanted to know about people in power abusing children, it used to make me break down in tears in speeches in the early 90's at all the lord's and ladies palaces I was strangely often invited too, so much so that I could barely stand with the shock of what I was telling my audience and one occasion I was carried off the stage sobbing as I just knew they were not listening or did not care.

NAYPIC was then brutally erased one day when the offices were ransacked by those same people in establishment who were abusing the children and some of the workers of NAYPIC were killed and some of us were infiltrated, drugged and raped some having families to abusers and having there children taken off them, you cannot even begin to imagine what happened.

I carried those case files that were not stolen also the ones I hid in my house for 8 years before I managed to re-establish NAYPIC again single handedly, such was my moral obligation to the cases and to my dear dead friends and actively persecuted family members. Those shops are my life work. My cause, my peaceful yet powerful solution. But most of all they were mine, no begging bowl, no listening to others, no justifying my money.. oh the brilliance.. I love that to this day.. I love it when I tell the media where to go.. I love it when they all say there is nothing that can be done because they don't have money and the stupid out of date charities rely on funding.. I love it because I have power.. Those shops are MINE;-).. it's good isn't it? You are all used to doing what you are told and playing a game but no I refuse, I will win because I am RIGHT!

It is my fate to win, it is my destiny and I thank the heavens for this knowledge and this fate and I will do it because children must not be abused anymore.

I would appreciate conference to discuss the issues I am not happy with. There still is time albeit.. not much.

Issues to discuss:


Two re-entries not one

Reply and Defense dates

Submissions before the learned Judge

Repairing covenant and lack of one


Flooding of gallery 104 acceptance of grounds

Quantum and lack of conference

Best Mary Flores

PS Can someone really lose on how they conduct themselves?

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