Sunday, 10 February 2013

'THE IDIOT' 'THE LIAR' AND 'THE MERCENARY' you couldn't make this up happy reading...

The proceedings took two years to come to the county court.. from Nov 2008 to July 2010..

Then in order to appeal the Judgment in Sept 2010 after a ten days trial where Jo represented herself against a top QC, the Judge said we would need the transcripts BEFORE we could get ‘permission to appeal’.

Then an interesting court admin delay of two years ensued to get these transcripts.

What should have taken about ten days to go for the permission to appeal, then just another few weeks to appeal took the administration in the county courts an astonishing two years to produce the much needed Transcripts…

How on earth did that happen?
What kind of justice is that?
What kind of court can keep people from their everyday life for an astonishing 4 years and believe they are not utterly suffering..

Even one judge could not believe it in May 2012 at the permission to appeal oral hearing that it had taken so long and most especially that Jo was so unequally armed legally and had taken on the case and was still standing with five boxes of detailed information amounting to over 28 files and 3000 documents.

The Judge ORDERED pro bono support where Jo could not attain it before, The honourable Judge said, there is something in this. Maybe it is the fact she is right and that is why they cannot take her down with all their legal might… because she is right.. and to destroy her and her good youth parliament social enterprise business is so wrong.. So there we have it…May 1st  and May 2nd 2013 is the next hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice The Strand. The permission to appeal was won with the help of PRO BONO and we won on all grounds in Dec 2012 so the appeal is the next hearing.. so here is a bit of the boring old court case the transcript that was hidden in the courts for 2 years…

Ms Flores questions the witnesses, THE FOLLOWING POST ARE FONDLY ENTITLED  ‘the idiot, the liar and the mercenary’ …  You will see why!!!!

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