Wednesday, 12 May 2021

The Hospital Managers meeting was a joke. All 3 so called independent lay people were from camden!

I was presented with reports about my brother a few hours before the meeting. The reports were littered with fabrications. 

When it was my turn I ask Dr Neil Stewart "did my brother give informed consent to be given 1000mg of sodium valporate that is enough to put you in a medical coma, every night" the chair person who had a bad habit of interupting me, tried to re-phrase my question and then he barred me from speaking!

He said due to my 'behaviour' then I asked the grounds, what he meant, he said 'distruting the meeting' ha!

I think I may have hit on a legal point about consent to be medicated so he just shut me up the 'lay' person.

He said if I spoke again he would bar me from the meeting!

Anyway to correct there ridiculous notes I wrote to the tribunal HM courts meeting today as if not the fabrications become a reality to further abuse my brother. So fingers crossed for this afternoon 2.30pm.

I'm not sure if I am invited as I was asked as the next relative to give my reasons for wanting to attend?

Dear Tribunal,

Following a hospital managers meeting yesterday to bar me from discharging my brother and where reports were given on Edward Moss on the day, I would like you to have my brief corrections below as much of what has been written is libialous, inaccurate and paints a false picture of my brother.

Notes from the HMM yesterday in response to inaccuracies.

In brief Edward never nearly ran someone over that is a lie.

Edward never had a son that passed away that is a lie.

Edward has never assaulted anyone that is a lie.

Edward has never sexually harassed anyone that is a lie.

Edward never threw a TV outside a window that is a lie.

Edward has never taken Ketamine that is a lie.

Edward was not made homeless due to disengagement in West London, it was a two-year placement and it ran out.

Edward's West London flat, did become overrun with Somalian drug dealers, as it had no electricity when Hammersmith gave it to him, and he could not get them to put it on, for a whole year as the previous tenant had run up a large electricity bill.
He was therefore set up to fail and never given that opportunity again, and he was devastated and still believes he should have a flat, like any other person who is a vulnerable adult with support needs.

Edward did not take crack and heroine in the 1990's he was on speed alone.

The list of court cases is wholly inaccurate, Edward had speeding offences in the late 1980's and early 1990's as he had 9 cars.

Edward did a paper round at 14.
Edward was the deputy manager of the Esso garage at 17.
Edward was approved to adopt his 3 younger siblings at 19.

Edward fell ill at 21 as he had taken too much responsibility on with the training and approval process for his siblings to be placed with him, putting him in stress, cooking and cleaning, entertaining, taking the kids to school, on his young shoulders as he was looking after his 9-year-old brother John-Paul, his 10-year-old brother Patrick and his 12-year-old sister Dorothy.

They paid him £7,000 per month and left him to it with no support whatsoever as the social worker was from Hammersmith and they had placed us all in Bexhill on Sea.
An older woman, who he turned to for support, as she had children too, then took the advantage of him and took his money, ordered drugs namely cocaine. He had a breakdown as she was using him and claimed to have terminated his 'son' although she had only found out she was a month pregnant. She guilt tripped him and terrorised him with her gang friends.

Edward has never had CBT or any form of therapy despite being severely beaten up daily as a child himself.

Edward is a gentle soul and does not believe in violence.

Edward does not sofa surf at Mary's ever as she is self-employed and works from home so that is fabricated too.

Due to drug use a policeman PC Blossum became obsessed with Edward a small-time end drug user, and his mates. They once arrested him for picking something up from the floor, he was arrested for picking up a bike that was disgaurded on the floor, he was arrested for using a private toilet in a building as he had a stomach problem, he was again arrested for picking up a box of flowers, he was arrested for finding a travel pass and handing it to a tube station, the allegations were all so stupid that we went to over 5 court cases and every one of them he got nothing much at all, so this was just to build a reputation and chip away at him his solicitor thinks and will give a statement of it. His solicitor also warned me to stop defending him at the courts as he says they all know who I am.

If you google my name you'll know too although I do suffer the same amount of harrassment as Edward from the Met police. He and I have been subject to a few IOPC complaints on the matter and now it would seem they are harrassing Edward forensically in the hostel and with Highgate sedating meds.

He was so determined to get Edward into trouble he made spurious arrests of Edward amounting to harassment and that is why you will see that despite no court appearances or arrests during Edwards 20's, 30's and 40's a thirty-year clean criminal record apart from driving offences in the late 1980's, this attempt resulted in five or six cases in a row and one of them had him placed in hospital in 2020 in Colchester, which was the start of this now cycle of abuse he has been facing with Highgate ever since and why we are determined for him to become a free person again as he is being picked on and made to feel gaslighted with allegations that are designed to stick and are absolutely false.

Edward has no GP in Camden since placement at the hostel.
Edward has no dentist.
Edward has a hernia and cannot become fat with lab drugs.
Edward has a hole in his heart from birth.
Edward contracted pneumonia at Coral Ward after being over sedated and complaining he could not breathe. He was taken twice to A&E and under this admission to Coral ward he has again been over sedated and has developed a respiratory infection again and has been complaining he not only cannot breathe again but his eyes are constantly closed. He says he does not sleep as he fears for his life at night so he sits up in a chair so that he keeps an eye on his own breathing.
Edward has been given Sodium Valporate 1000mg enough to put a person each night into a coma. I fear he is very tired and needs to stop this medication as he did not give informed consent.

Danger to himself or others

Edward is not intrusive and aggressive he is reclusive except with family and friends where he is very entertaining and fun to be around. His conversations are always interesting and he converses very well with some of the most intelligent people.

'Treatment' from lab drugs isn't designed to alter personalities.

He is not "well known" to be physically aggressive and that can be evidenced by his solicitor Gary Monk of Hodge Jones and Allen who believes he is picked on and has a lot of time for Ed.

Edward is not unkempt he was dragged to A&E in the middle of the night and they kept him in a hospital without any recourse to get his own clothes for over a month.

Edward could not have thrown a TV out a window as the windows don't open. He placed a TV outside the door of the hostel on the 6th March 2021 and may have been frustrated it did not work. We have since got him a smart TV for his room.

The bedframe he had complained the whole bedframe was broken and so he carried the bed, in bits down the stairwell.

He put his Fridge outside his room that same night as it was not working and so smelled.

It was one of those nights when he had taken drugs the day before and was coming down off a high as well as his friends death anniversary, passed only 4 years, and he had loved her.

Edward has only ever been on Aripiprazole 15mg and that is what suits him.

He has been drugged, incarcerated, abused, pinned down, verbally assaulted, physically assaulted and needs to be free.

He is not a danger to himself he is a very low-level drug user.

Try speaking to him, you will find him a beautiful charming soul.

Unless like last time he was drugged before the tribunal hearing.

Kind Regards
Mary Moss

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