Friday, 14 May 2021

A court case done behind a court case...So since I corrected their notes, they decided to postpone the tribunal for 2 to 4 weeks, poor Ed

 Well at this Tribunal yesterday they said to Ed and I that they were just 'discussing' matters beforehand?

Then the clerk came back saying it has been adjorned.

Now as I see it the courts unusally asked 'why' I would want to be there and asked for my 'reasons', even though I'm the 'next relative'. 

Now they used my 'reasons' since they were 'corrections' on their reports, stating the reports were 'fabricated' to make out the 'degree' & 'nature' of Ed's illness was worse, which is the next plot to keep him and take more of his rights rights away.

It's basically what Camden did recently to me, no criminal record, enhanced DHS, yet when assaulted by a contractor they tried to 'convict and eviction' without scrunity or investigation, hence 'degree' violence and 'nature' ohhhh will she do it again...that we've made up!!

All of it is a fas..

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