Friday, 20 November 2015

INVESTIGATING' SACRED COW ‘ ESTABLISHMENTS - From the one that ran away - predictions or have you just been not listening to NAYPIC and youth who have been victims of these crimes & when will you protect!!

It is probably little well known that when investigating ‘sacred cow' establishments (this means very old establishments and reputable buildings and organisations etc) they have their contacts, they have cash and they have lots and lots of strings to pull, so nothing gets done about them. The media included are scared of ‘sacred cow' establishments, nothing can be proved and sometime they mess up the patients/ victims so much, there is often seen to be not much credibility to what they are saying, especially testimonies in court.
This is where N.A.Y.P.I.C. is so important as the collation of information on this type of establishment, you can almost guarantee will come to our doorstep. So, what to do is keep it. Help the victims through N.A.Y.P.I.C. facilities to get better, recover, but don't push it , don't guilt trip yourself over it, just bit by bit collate it. Half way cases going to court, especially the high court are not worth the effort and potentially dangerous! If you wish to crack it, in time, however frustrating we'll get them good. we are sometimes putting individuals through too much alone, trying in court large establishments, with just a few people giving evidence. However.., a case with 30 people giving evidence takes some organising! N.A.Y.P.I.C. will be providing counselling for workers also ‘burn out' is something hard to recognise, however it is best if it can be prevented. We like to send our employees off on holidays, peaceful retreats or give them time off rather than work with the walking dead. When an establishment needs to be closed down or it is necessary to eradicate it, something better must take
-its place. There is little point in residents of a mental health establishment ending up in another type of establishment that is pretty much the same or even ending up homeless. We must always have fall back plans, ideas that are better.

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