Friday 24 July 2015

The BBC did know about serious concerns regarding Ken Clarke on the 6th Nov 2012, some 9 days before Ben Fellows publically claimed an assault

James Reed


Hi there,

I’m a reporter at BBC Newsnight. We’re looking into allegations of sexual abuse at children’s homes in the 1970s/80s at the moment. I saw some interesting research about this on your website. Could someone at the organisation possibly give me a call to discuss how you might be able to help us out?


Jim Reed
BBC Newsnight
+44 7921 64 88 26


Certainly, I am happy to let you know all the info I have been told over the years. From Harvey Proctor, Leon Britain, Cliff Richard, Ted Heath, Kenneth Clarke, associates like those that helped in the transport such as the helicopters involved in the Westland Affair, driving VIP's to Children's homes. Jeffery Archer and another can't remember the name just now who bought the tie shop for Proctor to hush him up... all sorts. Anyway the main one was a guest House in Barnes and I named all those people apart from Kenneth Clarke where there is no evidence of him being involved in anything just gossip about him having kids to mentally ill patients in hospitals.

This industry is so old fashioned now and I am glad that it is being smashed to bits,. Sentencing needs to be life to really do the deed!!!

I am very busy this week but perhaps at the weekend I can get back to you with anything I have it's just the case files are all in storage.



The day before, the infamous programme re Lord Mc Alpine by BBC reporter Angus Stickler (Angus had been in touch with NAYPIC separately re NAYPIC our controversial 'absolute liability' insurance court case since 2008 but never did a single report on this public issue) that saw many people paid  off, the programme that had BBC Entwistle paid off by the then Chris Patten ex Tory MP BBC chairman, I was asked by BBC Jim Reed to meet him at the BBC corporation he said ‘did I know anything about Lord McAlpine I said “NO” and warned that there were others that were worth investigating if the media were finally interested after all these years in what NAYPIC had to say from our website -

They went ahead with the Lord Mc Alpine programme anyway & their heads rolled...

I ran up to corporation House that morning of Entwistle resignation & spoke to Jim all the way, I said I told you not to do it and now this is going to make people like me very vulnerable, please get some balls & tell him not to resign. He said there was nothing he could do they were already in the meeting.

So I decided since I knew none of us were now safe & the BBC were cowards of the highest order  & it smelled of some sort of set up that I would have to speak to the world's press re what I had told the BBC in the above email.
I went for Chinese TV and was interviewed, the Netherlands & was interviewed too & some other TV so actually the genie was now out of the bottle world wide and BBC were not the only one's to now know since they had literally just put NAYPIC in serious danger whilst they all simply got paid.

Also ITV did the show with Cameron after my email too as they all speak to each other don't they?

I do believe that the Ben Fellows case is going to make a law & that is it's design to stop people speaking up on social media etc. BUT BBC knew about Ken Clarke so why they have been in the Ben's Court Case & pretending they know nothing until Ben put out the story on the 17th Nov beggars belief plus police would have known too as surely all correspondence at BBC was then under their microscope & if you ask me that is when Fairbank was set up not after Tom Watson's announcement

I don't know like most of you what exactly is going on but sometimes the guys who look good are in fact the bad guys in this gravy trian

I just wanna Youth Parliament with a Youth Economy by Statutory demand as children need protecting at last and you can be sure that none of this is protecting them, they are still the currency of secrets & bribery & show stopping set ups by our great & good & a good few meal ticket folk alas

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