Thursday, 1 October 2015

Press Complaints Commission..

Complaint against BBC‏

Complaint against BBC

One of the victims of abuse on the 6th Oct Panorama has asked not to have footage shown and has said that not only did he not give knowing consent he has also sent a letter drawn up from Exaro to which Panorama have said they don't take seriously.

Also two other victims have said they were NAYPIC cases. I can confirm they were not any cases of any member of NAYPIC's staff.

Also I am complaining that the Telegraph have associated Mr Chris Fay as the head of National Association of Young People In Care. He was neither a worker nor a member he can only be described as a one time advisor who gave information to NAYPIC.

I am also going to ask you to look into the story of the Daily Mail associating this one time crook with our good name, when he was sacked and asked never to come back over 25 years ago.

Mary Moss

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