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Poor Law - Kenneth Clarke has he really got away with it? The Magna Carta say's all people are equal in the eyes of the law - The abuse agenda cover up was hard to watch!

FAO: Mr Jackson of Panorama - My statement on a programme you say you are doing on Chris Fay
On 21 December 2012 I was forced to put a set of documents on The documents consisted of court exhibits from a 1982 court case regarding a raid at Elm Guest Hse.
The documents were namely: a signing in book, a receipt book, a book where the names of guests and the rooms they stayed in were clearly marked out and some evidence of VIP business bookings.
Aside from this 1982 court evidence, I obtained while working as development officer of the National Association of Young People in Care, I did not have my own notes on the case apart from what I had already published on on many of the cases, as NAYPIC had been raided in 1993.
During the seizure of the NAYPIC files, and contents of the organisation’s Camden office, most of my casework notes were taken by unidentified men arriving in unmarked vans. I did, however, retain a number of files as I arrived during the raid of the office and seizure of documentation. 
Among these were the notes of a former volunteer, a Labour councillor for Greenwich, Mr Christopher Fay. These were more elaborate than my own in that Fay named abusers and how they were allegedly connected, according to pieces Fay had put together with his journalist contact, John Oakes, and were based on meetings between Carol Cazier, owner of the Elm House Guest House, held at NAYPIC where she spoke to me in my office, and where Mr Fay had access to her.
I believe the information I was told by Carol Cazier is responsible for the demise of the organisation. It led also to the drugging and rape of one of its workers and perhaps the killing of two others.
By 2012 it had been some time since these events and I had meanwhile established two successful art galleries. I could not understand why so many years later the issue had raised its ugly head again.
In 1990 I had asked Christopher Fay to leave NAYPIC following a conversation with a senior colleague official, about his untrustworthiness. During this exchange I was advised in the strongest terms to disassociate NAYPIC from Mr Fay.
Christopher, an adult advisor, Sarah a NAYPIC management committee member and I had co-written a NAYPIC publication called, Abuse in the Care System, and another document called, The Therapy of Fear, the compilation of which had offered him unlimited access to the organisation’s case files.
Mr Fay was bitter when I sacked him and I believe remains so, due to events that have later transpired. He has appeared hostile towards me. I do not know Fay, Tom Watson, Exaro or those sensationalising these events without due process or presenting of evidence in a court of law. 
I did not have the permission of my clients and service users, to whom I have a duty of confidentiality under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, to give the NAYPIC files to the police.  I believed that the files were of public interest and that the files contained some evidence that may be helpful to substantiating allegations of abuse. Due to my duty to protect the confidentiality of victims named in the files I objected to the files being taken from me.
I am saddened that Elm Guest House victims have not had justice.  The raid by police on my house, during which my files were removed, has so far not proved helpful in achieving justice for victims.  I have worked tirelessly to give these people justice as you can read on Youth Parliament website. I feel that I have been hijacked at a point when there was an opportunity to establish a class action.
Further information:  ITV News UK Editor, Lucy Manning, interviews Mary Moss about child abuse that took place at Elm House Guest House, which is currently the subject of a police investigation.

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