Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Abuse Inquiry should be seen as an insurance scam.. Paid for by YOU!

I keep drawing parallels, legal ones because I have fought an insurance case for six years so I see.
This is at a time of the British child abuse scandal, when I was so close to a child abuse revolution.
My plan was a nice and quiet justice coup gathering evidence presenting it at the court.
Their plan, to create public fear in a nasty old scandal, so as to privatise child care, and as a result to save millions on insurance claims by normalising abuse like its commonplace, so compensation only climbs a pyramid by extreme severity of the case.
So much money for an eye, and so much money for a tooth. Processing claims and then losing any truth.
‘Duty of Care’ will be a lesson learned, but it will be a piece of publicly paid expensive work, making technicalities and bad law, so in my child abuse revolution, we will now see no justice in this war.
And all will know and all will see, but they will fall by the wayside when the complications hit the scene of Twitter and super injunctions, and hidden courts, like family law.
This will not be a revolution,  it will continue to be a war, instead fighting the law, insurance companies, and a privatised system.

Mark my words, this scandal was for them, in their money making and money saving solution this is not the heart of the matter in respecting children, this is not the long awaited children’s revolution. 

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