Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Supreme Court Pending since June 20th.. Summer Court Closes.. Soon my Friends..

The Human Rights Act;

Article 1 Protection of property

The issue of public interest is in contract.

Lord Cross of Chelsea advocated in the House of Lords that contracts should be workable.


Can a landlord void a tenants insurance is of much wider public interest and needs to be addressed by the Supreme Court to make law.

It is not incompatible within the framework of insurers, that it goes without saying that a landlord cannot break the terms of the insurance, or there will be no insurance in place, further breaching the contract of the lease and the landlords obligation to insure, so why should it be different for this landlord and this contract?

An instrument of insurance covering liability had to be at all times. BT v Sun Life.

Article 6 Right to a fair trail

Can the court of appeal make an administration mistake and then not address it when being made aware of it twice officially before handing down the judgement?

Has this landlord shown transparency with any judicial influence as a public body that may have a conflict of interest in this case?

Permission is sought to appeal on both these two important points so that the Judgment can be varied to accept liabilities owed and justice served fairly.

A reply to the draft Judgement is attached in full and all the grounds are in the answers to each point including all the laws in full and how misrepresentation occurred. Full transcripts of the two days need to be obtained. I have applied with the N244 form but Lord Justice Patten refused to have those obtained with no reasons given. The transcripts will prove this case is misrepresented in full.

See attached reply to draft Judgement.

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