Friday, 21 December 2012

In the line of our duties... New NAYPIC/ Youth Parliament (Information from the woman who was my case)

All Pictures are copyright to Mary Josofar Valdivieso Fortuno Flores. Expressed Permission to use!


  1. I have never stated a view on Maddy so.. whats this about.. your cause is to defend the parents so why attack me who has never stated an opinion???
    Its true that the view that supposedly drugging their other twin babies (who awoke at no time during the search when they were in the apartment and leaving Maddy in charge of them while the parents went out and the fact only the father spoke to police whilst the mother said nothing and that there were no signs of a break and all friends did was contact the international press are the subject of the day on certain blogs currently but please attack someone else for that! I want justice for my case too. You are lucky that the PM took you seriously and deployed a unit of 19 officers to another country with lots of other resources in place paid by the British public.. So feel good and see the positive side of things for your case. Ray Wire set up the Gracewell Clinic for abusers and yet gossip in my day years ago was that he was showing them kiddie porn and calling it aversion therapy.. The McCann's probably did not know about him but having dinner with him wasn't the bests move they could have made. I hope they find their kid we all do x

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