Thursday, 28 March 2013


Well its been an eventful these past few weeks

Kerry was not pleased after our meeting a does a one sided note on the meeting which goes to pro-bono, Jan Luba QC and me..

I reply with fury and tell them the facts of all the meeting..

Pro-Bono do an one for all all for one and sack my case with 6 days to go for the bundles and the skeleton argument... they say send a check for £185 to get my boxes.. I pick them up next day..

I do the skeleton and the bundles myself and file by the 20th March deadline..

Of course I put in some amendments to get permission to have back in there as now I get it that my case has been made a hatchet job of.. It's like deciphering two piles of puke..

I now am wondering how to do such a job.. and where is my own case gone..

Oh Mierde!!!

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