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'VIP child abuse ring' accuser served time in prison for fraud - Telegraph FAKE NEWS

'VIP child abuse ring’ accuser served time in prison for fraud
A list of public figures accused of child abuse, which was circulated on the internet, was drawn up by a former social worker jailed in 2011 for his part in a fraud

Christopher Fay at his home in South London Photo: Geoff Pugh/The Telegraph

By Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter
11:56PM BST 26 Sep 2015

A social worker who first named Leon Brittan and other VIPs as members of an alleged paedophile sex ring was jailed for fraud.
Chris Fay, now 69, drew up a list of prominent public figures he said had visited a guesthouse in London where children were abused.

The list was uploaded on to the internet at a time when Tom Watson, now Labour’s deputy leader, was claiming the existence of a powerful paedophile ring that operated with the knowledge of Downing Street.
It was compiled by Fay on evidence he says was supplied by victims and the owner of the Elm Guest House in south-west London, which has been at the centre of the allegations.
But Fay’s evidence has been thrown into question by his fraud conviction.
Police are investigating historic abuse at Elm Guest House, and have said that Cyril Smith, the Liberal MP, who was never prosecuted in his lifetime, stayed there.
The VIP list identifies a number of well-known figures and has added to concerns that individuals have had their reputations shredded by potentially false but damaging claims.
Fay told The Telegraph he regretted the list had been made public, conceded it contained the names of innocent public figures and admitted it had sparked a witch hunt.
Clockwise from top left; Leon Brittan, "Red Ron' Brown, Cyril Smith and Harvey Proctor
Fay insisted he never intended the list be made public but a former colleague had posted it on the internet. The two have fallen out.
Lord Brittan’s name topped Fay’s list, but it also included Harvey Proctor and a number of other Tory MPs, and Ron Brown, a former Labour MP, who is now dead. Mr Proctor vehemently denies the allegations.
Last week, the Metropolitan Police admitted it was wrong to describe the evidence of one key alleged abuse victim, who is said to have witnessed child murders, as “credible and true”.
The Telegraph also revealed last week that another alleged abuse victim, who also claimed to have evidence of two murders, had been convicted of making hoax bomb calls, had falsely confessed to murder and been accused by a judge of telling “whopping lies”.
The Telegraph has now learnt that Fay was jailed in 2011 for fraud.
Fay, a former Labour councillor, was sentenced to a year in prison for being part of a scam in which pensioners were conned out of almost £300,000.
The fraud victims were told they were buying shares in property and Tesco but were issued with fake certificates. Fay, of Blackheath, south-east London, helped to launder cash through false bank accounts.
He had been a child social worker with the National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC) when he began compiling evidence from children allegedly abused at Elm Guest House.
Mary Moss, a colleague, circulated the list on the internet around December 2012, two months after Mr Watson had made his claims in Parliament.
Fay, tracked down by The Telegraph to his council flat, said his list was based on conversations with Carole Kasir, the owner of the Elm Guest House, and interviews with abused boys at NAYPIC.
Fay said Mrs Kasir had been murdered – she died of an insulin overdose in 1990 – to cover up the abuse.
He repeated allegations he had been making since Mrs Kasir’s death to Mr Watson in 2013. Mr Watson then passed Fay’s details to police, which had begun an investigation into Elm Guest House in December 2012.
Fay said: “My critics will say: 'He is a convicted fraudster so why should we believe the other things [he says].’”
He added: “It was so wrong to put that list online. It starts with hunts. That list could have encouraged people to make up claims.”

This is what I sent to IPSO
their reply is at the end..

Material published in print and/or online
Complaint details
Name of publication(s):
The Weekly Telegraph (Telegraph Media Group Ltd)
Publication not contacted
Clause(s) breached:

1 Accuracy 

'Fay insisted he never intended the list be made public but a former colleague had posted it on the internet. The two have fallen out.' 

First Fay was not a colleague he was a social worker for Greenwich and an 'informer' to the NAYPIC re several Greenwich cases, where he alone researched and supplied the list to the organisation, after meeting several of the organisation's cases when he happened to be in the office meeting with NAYPIC and then approaching the cases himself outside of the NAYPIC offices. 

Second inaccuracy the police approached a former NAYPIC development officer Mary Moss to ask for the list Fay had compiled. 

Third inaccuracy Fay was banned from NAYPIC in the early nineties following information given to NAYPIC by their then funding body London Boroughs Grants Unit. 

There was no personal falling out 'of the two', at all, she delivered the ban, however the information was severe enough for him to be banned since then and he has had no contact with any NAYPIC staff since. 

Fourth inaccuracy; 'He had been a child social worker with the National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC) when he began compiling evidence from children allegedly abused at Elm Guest House' 

Not true. He did some statistical research for the organisation where he volunteered to help produce a publication on case statistics called 'abuse in the care system'. 

Fifth inaccuracy; Mary Moss, a colleague, circulated the list on the internet around December 2012, two months after Mr Watson had made his claims in Parliament. 

He was not a colleague. I put the list on the internet because the police knew I still had it. They could have only got that information from Tom Watson who later claims he only met Mr Fay two months after Dec 2012 (in this article it is evident in the inaccuracy in the timeline for any fool to see). 

So either Watson is lying, the police were lying and or the whole thing is a NAYPIC sabotage since we were in a lucrative court case over our HQ at the time of the police raid at my premises which produced the list and all the log books at the guest house to which were given to NAYPIC by Carol Cazier before she was murdered. 

Sixth inaccuracy; He added: “It was so wrong to put that list online. It starts with hunts. That list could have encouraged people to make up claims.” 

The sensitive data with the list as well as log books from the guest house and banking slips etc, were taken from me by police in a dawn raid on my house and I only circulated the documents because they could have been buried. 

It was serial complex knowledge, I felt should be put into the public domain at the time rather than in police hands only, whom had no more right to the information as did the public, until such time as the information was investigated by NAYPIC who would then bring about court proceedings and protection for witnesses, instead of what turned out to be a shambles. 

Independent Press Standards Organisation - Our reference [IPSO: #12767-17#]
Lauren Hay <>
Wed 31/05, 13:32You

Dear Ms Moss,
I write further to our earlier email. 
You have contacted the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), the independent regulator for the newspaper and magazine industry in the UK. We uphold the highest standards of journalism by monitoring and maintaining the requirements set out in the Editors' Code of Practice, and provide support and redress for individuals seeking to complain about breaches of the Code. 
IPSO accepts complaints which have been submitted, either directly to IPSO or to the publication, within four months from the date of the first publication of the article complained of. In the case of an online article which remains accessible to the public on the publication’s website, IPSO may consider complaints within 12 months of the date of its first publication. IPSO will, however, take into account the length of time since the publication of the article, as a delay in complaining may have an effect on IPSO’s ability to fully investigate or adjudicate on a complaint. 
It appears that the article you have complained about falls outside this time period and we will not, therefore, be able to assist you further with this matter. I would suggest that the best way to proceed would be, if you have not already done so, to contact the publication directly about this matter. 
With best wishes,
Lauren Hay
Systems Co-ordinator

Gate House
1 Farringdon Street
Tel: 0300 123 2220
IPSO is the independent regulator of the newspaper and magazine industry. We exist to promote and uphold the highest professional standards of journalism in the UK, and to support members of the public in seeking redress where they believe that the Editors' Code of Practice has been breached. We are able to consider concerns about editorial content in newspapers and magazines, and about the conduct of journalists.

PS and from what I know of Fay, I don't doubt the sabotage came partly from him and his cohorts too.

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No central agency representing the views of children and young people

This post is now over 25 years old..

Children Act Monitoring Officer
Salary 30,000 per annum + N.I. £6,040.44
Hours 40 hours per week
Holiday 25 days per annum
Notice 20 days for leave up to one month. 10 days for leave up to one week
Age Applicants shall be aged 16-25 years (except in the 1st year)
Travel Considerable travelling to various parts of the country needed
Your job will be to help promote and develop New Naypic / Youth Parliament's idea's, policies and practice in as many ways as possible.
You will be managed and answerable to the National Executive Committee (NEC), which will be voted in at the NAGM, Regional and Local Management Committees. Although you will be managed and answerable to the NEC, regional or local Management Committee, you will be expected to work with them to decide on actions and policies, also to encourage and enable them to take part in as many aspects of your work as possible.
You will be required to distribute monthly written work reports to the NEC or MC. Records must also be kept on all expenditure throughout the months. You will be expected to do most of your own administration, although there will be administrators within the organization that can assist you. Your general duties will involve paper work, incoming and outgoing mail, filing, orders and invoices, accounts and dealing with telephone enquiries concerning the Children Act. The National Administrator should be conversant with all your outside activities.
Meetings and Media.
You will be expected to attend meetings on New Naypic's/ Youth Parliament's behalf. Your first and main priority will be to involve New / Youth Parliament's members in all your outside activities, any meetings regarding the Children Act, its development and ongoing implementation. You will be expected to attend meetings or receive and update information on children act legalities.
From time to time, you will be expected to deal with the media, this will be done in conjunction with New Naypic/ Youth Parliament's Press Officer or Press advisor.
All workers are expected to produce articles on developments for the National Newsletter.
You will be expected to pass casework to specialist child care practice solicitors. The Casework you will be involved with will be specific regarding the Children Act being upheld. The Casework you will pass on and be kept updated on, will be cases that are of national concern to the Organization in up holding the Children Act. The intended outcome will be to assist changes or amendments in the current ChildCare Law.
The outcome is also to identify bad practice and recommend better ways forward. At no time will you on behalf of the organization undertake casework personally.
As the Children Act Monitoring Officer, you will be expected to build up a wide variety of legal contact such as:, Child Care Panel Solicitors, Banisters, The Law Society, Legal Departments, in universities, including professors and lecturers. Feeding back to New Naypic / Youth Parliament's development workers and officers in Management identifying good practice - past, present and future.
The Children's Law Center
It is New Naypic / Youth Parliament's intention to work with the children's Legal centers or any other relevant bodies to set up a Children's Law Center. The idea of the Center would be to take on Casework, creating test cases for positive changes in Child Care Law and practice The setting up of the Children's Law Center will be a central focus of your duties. We would expect you to co-ordinate the development of ideas and initiatives from children and young people first and foremost; and secondly, as many relevant professionals or legal bodies as possible.
We will expect you to liaise with our Management on any fundraising ideas you have or any contacts you have made, especially with the setting up of the Children's Law Center.
You will be expected to set up a comprehensive library on test cases, publications, videos and Child Care Law etc.
You win be expected to distribute any Interesting information or updates on Child Case Law to the local groups and regional offices, this can be done via e-mail and put into the newsletter.
Personal Awareness
Employees must be aware of the Equal Opportunities practice in New Naypic / Youth Parliament. That is to say that any forms of Sexism, Racism, Homophobia or Prejudice against the physically challenged will not be tolerated. New Naypic / Youth Parliament must ensure that the Equal Opportunities Policy Is practiced and promoted whenever and wherever possible within the National Organization.
Disciplinary Procedure.
In the event of disciplinary action or grievance, the mechanism of our Disciplinary and Grievance procedures will be implemented.
Person's Specifications
(1) Communication with young people at all levels
(2) Helping young people advising and assisting them
(3) Legal awareness
(4) Having been in care
(5) Dealing with professionals at various levels

(1) Good Knowledge of the child care system
(2) Good knowledge of the relationship between the media and issues relating to young people
(3) Good knowledge of the Children Act 1989 and the Children Act 2004
(4) Good knowledge of the Criminal Justice Act 1992 and Criminal Justice Act 2003
(5) Good knowledge of young peoples rights and concerns

(1) Must be able to conduct basic research
(2) Must be able to keep confidentially
(3) Must be committed to and able to implement all of New Naypic / Youth Parliament's policies, particularly the equal opportunities policy
(4) The ability to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally to people at all levels both inside and outside of New Naypic / Youth Parliament
(5) Must be able to accept instruction from the NEC, regional and local management committees.
(6) Must be self motivated and able to work on own initiative
(7) Must be able to use ms office and internet explorer

(2) Must be willing to travel as a representative of the organization
(3) Must be able to give commitment of carrying out work of the organisation alongside its members
(4) Must be willing to go to court cases
(5) Must act professionally at all times when dealing with New Naypic / Youth Parliament's business
(6) Must be willing to learn new skills