Thursday, 21 January 2016

To make it clear to all Police who contact me or press or others.. Carol Cazier met me as an officer of NAYPIC she was not my case she was there for her children I met her friend Addi Stolpher too and Chris Fay was a volunteer in the office on few occassions that year to do some analitical research circa1990 - Contrary to his self-importance Feb 2013 he was at no time a worker for NAYPIC and despite being in the office on a few occassions he was asked to leave the office 1990 for good. My information on the Elm Guest House case was taken from me Jan 2013 and has not been returned. Any info held by NAYPIC is confidential under the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 as I told police then and recently. I cannot give out names unless the people come to me first or unless I am threatened to hand it over - NAYPIC has had 1000's of cases!

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